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We Don't Need Another Heroes

Inside the store, Hicks gets fired for walking out of his last shift. Outside, Gary meanderingly points out that Hicks is heading for his apartment -- where Rachel is now. Bill gets all bossy about how they need to follow his orders, and yells into his walkie-talkie for Rachel to get out. Alas, Rachel's in synesthete mode, so she can't hear. The other three get ready to roll while Rachel examines Hicks's apartment, which is pretty nice even though she can see the smells coming off of everything (including the oranges). The rest of the team arrives outside the building in time to see Hicks enter the security door. Bill follows him inside, gun at the ready. Rachel has just found the sniper rifle in the bedroom, and calls the others to report in. Of course Hicks hears her, not because he has super-senses like her, but because he's in the apartment with her. When he busts her, Bill kicks the door down and orders Hicks to the floor. Hicks look like he's going to obey, but trips Bill up with the sweep of one hyperkinetic leg. A fight ensues, with Bill hurling furniture and shattering drywall, but Hicks makes it out the window and down the fire escape like a Parkour master. Bill tries to give chase, but apparently he's all out of juice. "You're spiking," Nina tells him down at ground level. It's up to Rachel to listen for the sounds of Hicks's flight, while Gary mentally taps into security cameras to track him. Rachel gets in the car and drives off in pursuit. She quickly catches up to Hicks and uses The Voice to get him to stop running and take a little nap on the spot. Killer nabbed! Episode over, right?

Nope! Back at HQ, Hicks is reluctantly undergoing an MRI. We don't need Rachel's super-senses to be able to spot a big white spot showing up in the image of Hicks's brain. Meanwhile, in Nina's office, Bill is stressing about how he wasn't able to nab the suspect, while Nina's more concerned with how Hicks didn't seem to know what was going on, comparing him to the people she's "Pushed." That's her word. Gary and Rosen enter the room, and Rosen seems to back Nina. Because after all, it's not like they've never met someone who's able to make people do things they don't want to. (Although Gary quickly points out that it doesn't work on him.) He shows Hicks's MRI to Bill, and Bill asks what it means. "That's a very good question," is Rosen's exit line.

Outside, Rosen banters with Don about Don's suspicions regarding donut shops before moving onto the subject of Hicks. "He was brainwashed," Rosen says shortly. Don makes some more confusing, paranoid remarks about something called the "Ghost Files" that prompt Rosen to ask, 'Why do I feel like I'm in a Beckett play when I talk to you?" Don brushes that aside and tells Rosen about some people they lost last year in the Red Flag operation in grisly ways, all of whom had bumps in the brain. Rosen's not happy to learn this, but Don tells him, "Go get the Ghost, before he gets someone else."

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