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We Don't Need Another Heroes

And here he is. The creepy guy in shades from the grocery store at the beginning -- presumably the Ghost -- walks into a trendy hotel lobby, wipes his gloved hands on a napkin, then uses another one to shield his (still-gloved) finger while he presses buttons to get on an elevator. Inside a white apartment, with a closet full of identical white suits and gray coats like the one he's wearing, he puts his sunglasses in a case. He's clearly got some OCD going on, as he neatly panics over a loose thread on the breast pocket of his suit. Maybe he should be more worried about how the palm of his right hand looks like a melted pizza. Then he lets in the photographer (four minutes late), who lays out his photos of the team while saying there's no record of any of them. White Suit is satisfied, but there's the matter of the photographer being four minutes late. He puts his pizza-hand to the side of the photographer's neck, telling him to follow his instructions "exactly" next time.

At HQ, Rosen's doing an exam of Hicks, who's handcuffed to a chair in the MRI room. He gives Hicks an injection to counteract "the effects of the forced induction," and starts asking him about his blackouts and what he remembers. Hicks's last memory is of a tone coming out of his phone, and then waking up the next day. Rosen asks if there was anything like aphasia -- "Difficulty reading, hearing the wrong words." Suddenly Hicks remembers all the "Time to kill" messages. He has lots of questions for Rosen, but Rosen's two answers: "Nothing's wrong with you" and "You killed a man" don't exactly jibe with each other.

Elsewhere, the photographer walks into a convenience store, buys a big bottle of bleach from a top shelf, and, to the horror of the clerk, chugs as much of it as he can before collapsing. Interesting development! Get it? Development? Because he's a photographer? Oh, never mind.

At HQ, Hicks has been uncuffed and apparently Rosen has clued him in on the situation. But there's stuff we don't know. When Hicks asks why someone would do that to him, Rosen says, "Because you are an Alpha." That's a new one on Hicks, so Rosen explains, "You have a neurological difference that confers some exceptional advantage." He says everyone there is an Alpha, but Hicks is in denial. As they move into Rosen's office, Rosen says that "all Alpha skills come with a downside." He then gives Hicks some change and asks him to buy him a soda -- from across the room. Hicks takes a couple of shots at the coin slot, missing both, but Rosen makes him keep at it...until he succeeds, to his own amazement. Rosen's happy, because he's got a possible new apprentice and a soda.

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