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We Don't Need Another Heroes

Hicks has even joined the group in the meeting room as they discuss how to track the Ghost. As Rosen points out, Hicks (who I'll call Cameron now that he's on the team) must still be of use to the Ghost, or else he'd be dead like all the other people he used. Bill makes a sarcastic comment, and Rosen explains that they'll use Gary to trace the call -- as long as it's not on a Nokia. ("It's a different protocol," Gary explains). Cameron realizes he's being used as bait, and nobody denies it, because he totally is.

While the team's set up in the field, Bill is bitching at Rosen over the phone, only to hear Rosen deflect it all with his reasonable, receptive "shrink-voice." Bill threatens to hang up on him if he keeps doing it. Rosen does and Bill does.

Nina's up in the apartment with Cameron, looking at pictures of his ex and kid while Cameron secretly stashes a handgun in the back of his waistband. That done, Cameron starts quizzing Nina, who says she lives rent-free and answers to no one. Except for how she works for Rosen, as Cameron points out. Cameron seems doubtful about why she does it when she can do what she does, but before they can get very far beyond her lame explanation of "maybe I'm just a nice person," his phone rings. He says hello, but there's nothing on the other end except that creepy tone again.

Luckily, Rosen is on the phone to Nina, instructing her to give Cameron a shot he prepared. So Cameron's okay and, better yet, Gary's got the signal. The whole team piles into the minivan, following Gary's EM visions. They pull up at the Thompson Hotel, where Gary pinpoints the signal as coming from the sixth floor. Bill's taking Nina along inside, while Rachel keeps the car from getting towed, Gary feeds Bill intel, and Cameron gets handcuffed to the door so he doesn't kill anyone again. Bill's kind of a jerk, is he not? Inside the hotel, Bill gets on the elevator while Nina prepares to shake down the concierge. He gives her a little trouble so she has to Push him into thinking the tour brochure she's holding is a search warrant. Which works, of course. Meanwhile, Bill's on the sixth floor, making his way down the hall, gun drawn. Bill's getting stressed about how long this is taking as a room service guy enters room 613 -- the same room Nina and the clerk just narrowed it down to. "I'm going in," Bill announces, then makes his super-strength fist. While he's winding up, Cameron asks Rachel to free him, but she says she can't. Up in the hotel room, Bill bursts in. The suite seems empty, until someone plunges a knife into his shoulder and runs past him. Bill starts shooting, past other guests even, but the quarry disappears into the stairwell. Hearing that, Cameron prevails on Rachel to let him loose. In the lobby, Nina Pushes the security guy to block the exits, but since he's wearing an earpiece it doesn't work and she has to go through the clerk. Cameron runs in and darts up the stairwell. Nina follows in the elevator. Cameron is chasing the bad guy up the stairs, only a couple of flights behind. Inside Room 613, Bill tells the guy inside to get up. Cameron is pursuing his guy across the rooftop bar, brandishing his handgun and getting his Parkour on. Nina catches up, so they both see the man in the white suit and gray coat leap over the railing to his death. This is bad? Problem solved, right? Obviously not, because the person in the room service uniform that Bill just helped to his feet is...the Ghost. Duh. And as Bill helps him up, he puts his pizza-hand on Bill's neck.

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