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We Don't Need Another Heroes

The ad break was long enough to turn the street into a full-on crime scene. Cameron's not convinced, and Nina seems to be lost in bad memories of her own. "Bad memories," she says, which is how I know. Up in the hotel room, Rosen and Rachel are looking through the Ghost's journals, which are OCD masterpieces that include the diagram of the shooting Cameron performed earlier. And when Gary finds the Ghost's suits, Rosen figures a guy with such a California Redwood up his ass must have really been after someone important to change up his usual plans like he did with Cameron.

Outside, Nina is complimenting Bill, although he's being hard on himself. And he's also complimenting Cameron, which is more surprising. Rosen shows up and sends the other two off to the van before giving Bill a little reassurance. Then he heads over to Don, who apparently showed up on the scene just to refuse to answer any questions for the cops. And to tell Rosen that he's after Cameron. Rosen tries to plead Cameron's case, but Don's out of there. And Bill, who was left behind to "spin the story," spots the Ghost -- back in his normal look -- among the crowd of people behind the crime scene tape.

Nighttime at HQ. Nina and Rosen are still trying to figure something out, namely why the Ghost used an Alpha this time instead of the average fools he usually uses. Sure, only Cameron could have made the shot, but still. Speaking of Cameron, Rosen says things will be complicated. "More complicated than me?" Nina asks him. Rosen tries to dodge the question, and since the scene just ended, I think he succeeded.

In the break room, Cameron's texting while Gary "eavesdrops" on them when Nina comes in offering to give Gary and Cameron a ride home. Down in the lot, they're just about to get into her "borrowed" sports car when Gary suddenly picks up the signal from the Ghost's cell phone again. Cameron heads off the direction Gary pointed, and Nina stuffs Gary in her car while she goes to warn Rosen. Gary's mom would love that. As for Gary, he's just excited to be behind the wheel. Speaking of Rosen, he gets a call from Don, who is at the morgue having just discovered that the body isn't the Ghost. "Which raises the question, who was the guy in the room and where is he now?" Rosen instantly leaps several steps ahead, realizing the Ghost set them all up -- which is why he chose an Alpha in the first place.

Right now, the Ghost is lying in wait for Cameron. Seeing him coming with his gun drawn, he dodges around his car, but snags his suit on the chain link fence, perforating the jacket. Rosen is still on the phone, cluing in Don: Red Flag used Cameron to draw them out, instead of the other way around. Oh, and here's Bill in the office, raising his gun to shoot Rosen, who dives out of sight. Down in the parking lot, Cameron finally catches up to the Ghost, too late to stop him from grabbing Rachel as a hostage. Upstairs, Rosen runs to the drug cabinet and breaks it open while brainwashed Bill stalks him. Outside, the Ghost figures Cameron thinks he can make the shot without hitting Rachel, but the Ghost says he knows better: "Every time the pressure's on, you fall apart." Upstairs, Rosen is trying to talk brainwashed Bill down. Nina shows up just in time, using her Pusher voice on Bill -- but it doesn't work. So Nina just kisses him, and while he's occupied with that, Rosen gives him the injection and he collapses. In the parking lot, the Ghost is still taunting Cameron, saying he can only make the shot if the Ghost tells him to. But Cameron makes it anyway, and Rachel's safe. And the Ghost is down. Cameron goes to him, and his last words are, "You're on the wrong side of this, Hicks." Now he tells him.

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