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Demons from Nell

At the house, Nina blows off a curious cop while Gary tries to follow Anna's movements and seemingly random voice sounds. There seems to be a pattern, as she keeps going from the louvered closet door to a massager and brush on the dresser and back again. And when Gary turns on his phone, apparently that's the filter he needs to interpret what Anna's trying to tell him: "I can help you find them," she seems to be saying. Sounds like an offer Gary can't refuse.

It's night again, because I'm starting to see that Alphas occurs on an earth that not only has mutant superheroes but also rotates a lot faster than ours. Rosen's back at the house, and Gary explains that Anna's using her own language that only she can understand -- and Red Flag used her to encode their transmissions. Gary further informs Rosen that Anna understands every language, which Rosen tries out by busting out a little Swahili. Gary uses his EM powers to translate Anna's response to Rosen, "It's nice to meet you too." That's because she hasn't known him long.

Out in the kitchen, Rosen marvels to Nina about what this means: "She's a virtual Rosetta Stone." Everyone thought she was severely autistic, maybe even mentally disabled, but she just has a form of apraxia, an inability to speak. "No one noticed that she is an Alpha." Because that's a made-up thing, duh. Nina points out that Gary did...and so did Red Flag. Rosen's planning to use her to decrypt that computer tablet to help them find Kosar, but his triumphant mood is shattered when he gets a call from Gary's mom about the lateness of the hour. As you may recall, Gary's superpowers do not include staying up past 9:30.

When Rosen drops him off, he announces to his mom that since he missed his bedtime, he plans to stay up all night. After he goes in, his mom starts to rip into Rosen, who interrupts, "He met a girl." He pretty much glosses over what she's like, which seems to calm Gary's mom down a bit, if not actively cheer her up. Kind of a craven way for Rosen to get himself out of trouble, but at least he looks guilty after saying goodnight.

Next morning, Gary sets the Red Flag tablet computer down in front of Anna. She gets right to work with her hairbrush and other non-verbal linguistic tools, which apparently the computer is configured to use as input. Gary digs this, especially when the computer starts translating everything Anna's doing to text and an electronic voice: "Now we can really talk, one friend to another." Anna's a little forward, isn't she? She's interested in Gary's ability to read EM waves. Nina hollers in at them to get back to work. Which they do, starting with the message Gary tracked to the house. Too bad Nina wasn't on that Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Geordi spent a whole crisis flirting with a holographic simulation. Not that Gary and Anna are like that at all.

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