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Demons from Nell

At the office, Bill has an inbox full of translated e-mails from Gary, starting with something about the US DOT and a string of digits. I'd mock the idea that anything to do with the Department of Transportation could be scary, but I live in Minneapolis and it's August 1. Meanwhile, Rachel is explaining to Rosen that the singed carpet fibers indicate an Alpha with an ability to emit highly powerful and focused discharges of static electricity. Thanks, Rachel, now you can go home for the rest of the episode. Bill walks up with that DOT number, which happens to correspond to a Northwell Petroleum truck currently on the road. Cameron figures Kosar's plan is to blow up that truck. "No, 'cause we're gonna stop him," Bill says. Good luck with that.

At a service station, Kosar encounters the fuel truck driver in question in the bathroom and zaps the lights. He comes out moments later in the dude's uniform, joining his partner in the cab of the fuel truck. The vehicle's electronics are all down thanks to Kosar's little trick, which gives Kosar time to stress at his big doofy partner about the explosives being in place and being careful with the big, clunky digital detonator currently reading 59-something. After a minute everything comes back on, so they're able to drive off, giving us a nice, clear look at the bomb strapped to the back of the truck's undercarriage. That should definitely discourage tailgaters, if nothing else.

Cameron and Bill are in an FBI-mobile with Agent Sullivan. The driver is able to come around and cut the truck off, herding it off on a side road where another government vehicle can cut it off. Everyone gets out, guns leveled, but the uniformed driver guy who gets out of the cab is not Kosar. Awkward. Bill looks at the empty gauge on the tank and the number on the side (the same one Gary sent him), which then cuts to the truck driven by Kosar onto the New Jersey Turnpike. With a totally different number on the side. It's almost as though someone made a mistake!

After they return to HQ, Sullivan guesses that maybe Kosar gave up on his plan. Rosen insists that Kosar doesn't do that, because if he did the episode would be over. Rosen decides he needs Gary back at the office.

At the house, Anna and Gary are still chatting about their respective situations and how much control they have over their respective lives before Gary pulls up something with a date of May 2011, but it's showing as 1011. Gary asks her to count to 10 because he needs to check on something, but she comes over all reticent and embarrassed. Nina tells Gary that Rosen's calling them back to the office, but Gary flatly refuses. In fact, he mounts a full-on rebellion, even accusing Nina of Pushing him, which she isn't, and which doesn't work on him anyway. Nina has even less to do than Rachel does this week. All she can do is go back to the office without him. Like she's the one Rosen needs.

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