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Can I graduate?

He goes on to say that she's been through a lot and that they've shared a lot of the trauma, and then he's taking pictures of Stephanie at her graduation (or "gradulation," as Stephanie refers to it), and she's wearing a little cardboard cap, and it's pretty damn cute, let me tell you. Her face is all smeared with chocolate and she's got a little rolled-up "diploma" and her chubby face is all smiley. Cute. Really cute.

Man. Pablo's losing the "like" factor already. He's going on and on and ON about how leaving home and leaving high school is like leaving four years of his life behind, four years that pretty much shaped what it is he'll be going for in the future and yet he's lost and blah blah blah shut-the-hell-up-cakes. It's high school, not a mission to Mars. Get a job at the mall and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. This ain't brain surgery, you know. It's pretty basic stuff.

Later that day, Robby and Sarah are walking along in the rain toward Ravinia. Robby leans over and whispers "I love you" in Sarah's ear. "That's a secret I've been wanting to tell you," he whispers. There are some women out there that appreciate those little cutesy-bootsie kind of moments. I am not one of those women. That shit just freaks me out. Not to mention that it totally annoys me. Show me, dude. Don't tell me. Sarah digs it, though, and kisses him on his shoulder to prove it. Yuck.

Allie, shocker, is late. The fact that Brett arrives at the same late moment as Allie signifies to Allie that she and Brett are, like, soulmates or something. No, Allie, you're both incapable of telling time. If that makes you, like, soulmates, well, then, Hank4 and I are destined to spend the rest of our lives together and Wedge and I are completely unsuitable for each other. So, there goes that theory.

Scooter's driving along -- wearing his gown, by the way, which makes him look like a complete moron; like, BRING THE GOWN, SCOOTER, DON'T WEAR IT. He's such a nudge. Anyway, he's talking about school being over and how they're all moving on and going into the real world and becoming adults. As he says this, of course, he's chasing Kaytee into the amphitheatre like a baboon. Don't count on becoming an adult any time soon, Scooter. He puts his arm around Kaytee's shoulder and they walk together onto the stage where, I guess, they're both performing or something. They're kinda cute together. I think Kaytee can, and will, do better than Scooter, but right now they're still kinda cute.

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