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Can I graduate?

Back at Pablo's pad, he hugs his father, and before his father can escape, Pablo manages to ask for yet more money. Nice, dude. You clamped onto the Happy Meal change and now you're asking for another ten bucks. Classy, dude. Real classy.

A few days later, Morgan's in his kitchen with his bud, Gus, and he's holding up a glass of orange juice and saying, "May the next time we go to paint a school, may we not be caught!" Heh. Gus echoes this sentiment and they clink glasses. Morgan and Gus get dressed up in their caps and gowns, and Morgan's folks take pictures of the kids with their police case numbers held up in front of them. Hee! Hee hee. That's damn funny, people. Way to have a sense of humor about the situation. I'm serious. That's really awesome.

And now here's the part where the camera slides down the Hallowed Halls of Highland Park High as little blips of dialogue from the past year filter through and different snippets of various self-interviews fade in and out.

And then it's over.

Wait. It's not. Kaytee's singing a hilarious little song about the making of American High. As she sings, we see the producers and the director and the production crew and the camera men all goofing around and being silly. It's pretty fun, actually. And Kaytee's song is fairly wicked.

Now it's over.

Wait. It's not. It's time for the "Where Are They Now?" segment of the show.

Oh. That's clever. They reproduce the white-on-black intro screen, only this time it says, "Nearly one year after filming, the students in American High were given video cameras. We asked them to tell us where they are now, and to share their feelings about the show."

Here goes.

Brad. Our favorite non-closet-dwelling high school student is attending New York University. Life couldn't be better, and Brad's got a lot of gay friends now. No. Really? In New York? They don't have homosexuals in New York. He's probably just joking.

Pablo. He took some time off college. I didn't even know he was going to college but, you know, whatever. He's running his mother's company. His mom remarried, and Pablo moved in with his father. Or his mom remarried his father and his father moved in. I can't really tell. He also found religion. It was right underneath the big-screen TV all this time -- who knew? He's also clean. I assume he means drugs and not, like, his hygiene.

Kaytee. She's still at Highland Park High School. Although, now that it's June of 2001, she's probably graduated already. She's going to college and doesn't know what she's going to study. A side note -- she also performs around the Chicago area. I don't know where or when, but I know she does. She might be playing at the Potbelly's in Evanston sometime soon. I'll have to check that out...

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