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Can I graduate?

CrAbby. Shut up. She's at University of Illinois. She's happy. Shut up.

Shanna. She's at Ohio State University and she has a boyfriend. He's met the parents already. She's prettier than ever.

Kiwi. He's at Ball State University, and the most exciting thing that's happened since he's been there is that he kicked a field goal down in Florida in front of 84,000 people. As he's talking, someone enters the dorm room, and Kiwi turns the camera around to show a kid with a pizza. Yeah. Kiwi's having a pretty typical college jock experience.

Anna. Anna's at Colgate University, and the biggest difference in her life is that she's put on the Freshman Fifteen. Oh. That was mean. I'm sorry. The biggest difference, according to her, is that her attitude has changed. Anna talks about how she's a young woman now and pulls her buddy Greg into the camera view. He's damn cute, too. "You're only young once," says Greg, to no one in particular. "That's a quote for Morgan," says Anna. Hee. Nice way to segue into Morgan's update...

Morgan. Morgan's at Columbia College, and he wants to make movies or star in movies. He's gone through some changes this past year, and he's discovered that you can't just fuck off homework anymore. "I mean, you can," he says, "but that would be, like, a waste of money." Good. He's finally learned something.

Allie. She's attending Fort Lewis College, but there's no personal update from her.

Suzy. Suzy's attending Northwestern University. Again, no personal update. I'm assuming that this is either because she's too busy giving Leontyne Price a run for her money, or she wasn't pleased with the way she was portrayed on the show and didn't want to give any commentary.

Tiffany. She's still a senior at HPHS. I mean, she's a recently graduated senior. No personal update.

Robby. He's at the University of Colorado.

Sarah. See Tiffany.

And now a student montage. The kids all talk about how, for the most part, being on American High was awesome. They thought it was weird that people came up to them on the street, but they also kind of liked it. They found the experience very therapeutic and cathartic, and Kaytee's grandma is really proud of her. Hee.

And NOW it's over. No. It's really over this time.

Peace out. Word to your moms.

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