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Can I graduate?

…the band room. Kaytee's sitting on the floor and occasionally punching fists with a couple of students. She lies down on the floor and puts what appears to be a furry lampshade on her head. She says in a VO that everyone's leaving and everything's going to change next year. She's going to be a senior, and she keeps thinking that's going to be a good thing. But maybe not. In an interview in her room, Kaytee says, "I've had no luck with...boys...or...with...I mean, really, I'm not a great student. I'm really not. I can't study. I mean -- and then like songwriting -- I don't need to do that -- I don't need to keep pushing them out! Like, I'm giving birth to my songs!"

Awwww. Awwww. God, I love her. She's the most self-aware high-school student I've ever come in contact with. Seriously.

Oooh! Oooh! We're in a studio of some sort. And Kaytee's entering with her guitar! What is this? Kaytee's recording? Oh, dude. This rocks. So hard. Some guy asks Kaytee if she wants to record her own CD. She responds in the affirmative. He tells her that they're going to lay down some tracks. Kaytee, completely oblivious to the Almost Famous moment going on, turns to the window that looks over the recording space and says, "Is that where I go?" God, she's adorable.

So Kaytee records her song (or songs -- we're only privy to the recording of one song), and she's really, REALLY good. I'm not a huge fan of her kind of music, but she's incredibly talented and she knows her own voice. That's ENORMOUS as far as I'm concerned. She has something to say and she's saying it, goddammit! That's so cool. So cool. I didn't discover my voice until about five years ago and I'm STILL working on it. I'm thirty-two years old, people. I'm ancient! This kid discovered her voice at the ripe old age of seventeen! There's a reason Kaytee's never been given a nickname in these recaps. She doesn't need one. She's the coolest kid EVER. I hope she knows it.

Kaytee finishes recording her vocals over the guitar track she's laid, and the producer, eating what appears to be caramels, tells her that it was great and that they should listen to it. Kaytee sprints into the recording area, her little pixie cut flouncing out of control. Again, she's adorable.

Wow. We're in an amphitheatre, it would seem. Where the hell are we? Oh. My. God. We're at Ravinia. If you don't know Ravinia, then you're not from the Midwest. It's an outdoor concert arena where the likes of Harry Connick, Jr. and Poi Dog Pondering have played. Their graduation is HERE? Jesus. LFHS had their graduation on the goddamn football field! Man, we got screwed.

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