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Home is where the heart attack is

You know, I realize that I make all sorts of bickering comments about these kids and this show and I know it's all funny and stuff, but I can't really say a damn thing right now. This entire scene has me all farklempt. I'm thinking about Samantha, my Lab; Tijuana, my stray; Flutters, my parakeet; Babe, my hamster. I'm thinking about how I can't even keep a houseplant alive anymore. I can't even get a fish because, you know, they're so not cuddly and they don't sit on the sofa with you and they don't wag their tails when you come home and, oh god, I think I need a Xanax.

Koffeehouse Kaytee's Homestead of Unhappiness. Kaytee walks up to the stairs and lies down on them on her belly. "Are you gonna go?" says Kaytee to her mother, who is apparently so embroiled in reorganizing her love bead collection that she doesn't hear her daughter. "Mom?" Kaytee asks, trying to break through the purple haze. "Tonight?" her mother dippily asks. Yes, tonight, you frizzy-haired fruitnut. Remember? The whole coffeehouse gig? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MILLENNIUM.

Kaytee's mother asks if Kaytee wants her to attend. Duh. Kaytee's father whispers that he'll be there. Great. Call the press. Like we care. "I'd really appreciate if both of you could come!" Kaytee exasperatedly spits. As we watch her carry her guitar into the coffeehouse, she tells us in a VO that her dad really wants to leave, but her mom doesn't want him to. Kaytee goes through her gig, and she's really adorable (and her hair, once again, is short -- whatever). The place is packed with friends and family, and both her parents are there, beaming at her proudly. The only drawback? Pablo's in the corner, dancing like an epileptic with a bi-polar disorder. On first viewing, I thought he was making fun of Kaytee and dancing was his way of protesting her music. After a couple of rewinds, however, I noticed that he was singing along. So, you know, even though I want him to NEVER dance in front of me again, I can't fault him for enjoying himself and for supporting Kaytee.

There's a little insert here of Kaytee, with her forehead cut off and just her left eye and her mouth visible, the bottom portion of her face and neck swaddled in some bright red fabric. It must be said that this is a fabulous shot. Did she do this herself? It's really cool. Anyway, she says, "There are some people who can stay married and can stay happy but, honestly? I don't think that a lot of people are people like that. And I don't think that I'm that kind of person." I just can't get over this shot. She should be a director. Seriously.

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