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It's Called "Prom," Not "Nirvana."

Shanna and Kiwi get their picture taken together, and Kiwi's about a foot shorter than Shanna. But they look so happy, who the hell cares? Kiwi says something in a voice-over to the effect that it's one of those times that you just take a chance, and they both had a really good time. Anna dances with Brent-Damage; she says that she had a really good time,that Brent-Damage was really sweet, and that she was happy that she got the chance to go to Prom.

"We had a good time, I guess," says Morgan in a voice-over/video interview combo. "The band sucked. The people were fake. The people all wanted to be grown-ups and stuff like that. Everybody all [sic] tried to act like adults, when we all should be acting like kids because that's what we are. I mean, it's our last dance. We should be, like, blowing it out, not being all, like, conservative."

Outside the hotel/dance hall/convention center, Morgan -- holding up a picture of himself and Jade together -- says, "That's what it's all about. Paying a hundred dollars to get a crappy fifty-cent frame." He goes on to swear some more about something else, but I can't understand it. Then we're in Morgan's bedroom, and he's lying on his bed talking about the prom, and swearing, and Morgan says, "We got fucked on the...excuse me, we got screwed on the limo service --" and then a framed poster of falls off the wall behind him and hits his foot. Morgan giggles. "Heh," he says. "That sucked."

Heh. So does my life. Where's the vodka? Hm? WHERE?

Next time: the kids face the reality of moving out for college or moving out for real.

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