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You gotta fight! For your right! To, uh...

We've now segued into Kaytee's latest up-close-and-personal as Kaytee bashes some cymbals together and Scott, a bespectacled youth that you just KNOW got the shit kicked out of him in high school but who is so intelligent and multi-talented that when it comes time for his high-school reunion he's going to be the only one with an over-flowing bank account AND a full head of hair, talks about how he's met most of his friends through the band, including Kaytee. As pictures of Kaytee play across the screen, her voice-over says, "I'm a pin-up girl for unrequited love. People that I love, don't know how much I really care for them." Okay, A) that first sentence is absolutely stunning and heartbreaking and B) I feel you, sister. I FEEL YOU! Amen. Hallelujah. Then we're on a close-up of Kaytee on her personal video camera, spluttering on in a Blair Witch-like monologue. Make. It. Stop. "It's two-thirty a.m., and I'm really scared," she bleats. Someone grabs the camera and off-screen says, "And Teddy's right here with her, keeping her alive," as the camera lands on an incredibly uncomfortable and humorless-looking young man. Awww, cheer up, li'l camper! Acne doesn't last forever. At least, facial acne doesn't. Mostly.

Down in a sub-basement somewhere, Scott's grilling Kaytee about her obvious Teddy-lust. During their conversation, two things become increasingly clear: 1) Kaytee definitely doesn't love Teddy and 2) Scott definitely doesn't love Kaytee. How do I know this? Because Kaytee keeps going, "No! NO! NO! Don't even! Nuh-uh. No way!" every time Scott presses her about liking Teddy. She so totally doesn't love Teddy. And Scooter? The deep crimson color of his cheeks and the fact that he just won't drop the subject of Teddy are primary indicators that Scott could give a rat's ass about Kaytee. Ever-present Scooter-boner notwithstanding.

In an interview, Scooter tells us that if a guy were to be romantic toward Kaytee, she wouldn't like it, and that a guy being a jerk toward her is much easier for her to deal with. It would seem that Teddy fits this description to a T. So then we see Teddy sitting at a computer somewhere (his room? Kaytee's room? Where in the hell are they?) while Kaytee warbles on behind him, trying to capture his attention with pointedly personal lyrics that Teddy is obviously too fucking stupid to understand. Kaytee describes Teddy as an insensitive jerk, but says that there's this "other thing" he apparently possesses. "He's so scared of opening up to people. He's, like, deathly afraid of it," she says.

Ring ring.

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