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Hey, Pablo. You made me cry. You still suck.

Meanwhile, in another sector of Home Life Problems-R-Us, Pueblo's sister is swinging on a swing and asking Pueblo to push her. Pueblo does so as he tells us in a combo VO/video interview that his mother's second marriage was pretty short, and her current third marriage didn't last much longer. Stephanie is the product of that short-lived second marriage. "When I see Stephanie," says Pueblo, "I kind of see myself. She makes me proud. That's, like, cool. How many things in my life make my proud?" Pueblo picks his sister up off the playground and laughingly carries her off. Yeah. Pablo's a tool. Yeah, I can't stand him. And, yeah, this little segment makes me like him. Not enough to erase my entire history of Pablo's A Total Fucking Tool, but enough to make me perhaps realize why, sometimes, Pablo's a total fucking tool.

Later, Pueblo's on the phone with his mother while getting a glass of milk for Stephanie. He says that he's been waiting for her (his mother) and that she should consider Stephanie and how she (his mother) is going to tell Stephanie what's going to happen. He's talking about the second husband and how Stephanie calls Husband #3 "Dad" and when Husband #3 leaves, that will mean TWO father figures have left her. "How is this gonna effect our income...I mean, what're we gonna do?" And, it must be said, Pablo's talking to his mother in a very calm and reasonable voice and he (don't pass out) has a point. Ending her marriage with this man has a direct effect on her children. Whether she likes it or not. And, it would seem, Pablo's trying to wake her up to that fact. As Stephanie plays on her bed, she says to Pablo, "I don't wanna be alone because, when I'm alone, I'm just lonely." Oh, God. If she's not the most prescient child known to man, then I don't know what. Seriously. She's incredible. Screw Morgan and what he's like now, I wanna know what STEPHANIE is like! I bet she's awesome. Or she's just knocked over a convenience store. One or the other.

Next thing we know, Mama Pueblo has returned and is rolling Convenience-Store-Stephanie over in her bed, saying something about shopping tomorrow. Pueblo says in VO, "All I really wanted from her, was for her to be there for me. If she wants to think that she gets to choose what it is that she's going to be, fulfilling her maternal role, well, then, I don't want that it all." Pueblo watches as his mother cradles a crying Stephanie in her arms. I'm not really sure what he said there. It's a pretty poorly constructed sentence, as sentences go. I think we can all assume that Pueblo's not fond of his mother.

After the semi-commercial break, Pueblo's in his car, talkin' gym. Basically, throughout high school, gym means "shit," according to Pueblo. Unfortunately, no matter how "shit" gym is, Pueblo needs it to graduate. I'm not entirely clear on this, but it would seem that Pueblo needs two absences cleared in gym, or he won't graduate. And, he will have to "beg" his mother to "let [him] graduate." Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on either. Join the club. I missed tons of gym classes. My mother wrote me so many "Regina is menstruating, please excuse her from swim class" notes that my gym teacher actually thought I might be hemorrhaging from my female parts. But my absences from gym didn't prevent me from graduating, for chrissakes! Those absences made my teacher think I had some sort of congenital defect, but they didn't prevent me from graduating.

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