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Winter Chill

Meanwhile, Abby's paying a visit to Brad's house. Brad's dad lets her in and asks, "How's it going?" Abby's response? "Everybody's getting into college but me." Jesus. LET IT GO. He asked you how you WERE, you selfish little snit. Say "fine" and move on.

Up in Brad's room, Abby's still bitching about the college acceptance thing and Brad's kind of laughing at her. "Why're you laughing?" she snaps. "You think it's funny?" Brad responds that they shouldn't have to do homework anymore because they're almost second-semester seniors. "You're in college. You shouldn't have to do homework. You're absolutely right," she snottily retorts. "You suck. Sorry I have a lot on my mind. Sorry I just didn't get into college and I'm all relaxed and content." Dude. We get it. WE GET IT. Shut UP, already. "I'm not being sarcastic right now, even though you're smiling," she snips. "Should I frown?" asks Brad, wondering why he even invited this goddamn bellyacher over in the first place. "I don't really care, either," she whines, referring to homework. "I'm not getting into college anyway, why try now?" I see that this episode is entirely devoted to making me want to smack this bitch UP.

"I think college is a really huge thing for her right now," says Brad in a VO. No, really, Brad? What gave you that idea? Was it her constant inability to stray from the subject of college and how she's not getting in? Jealous much, Abalone? "I think she's very, very scared but, she's still Abby. We're good. We're just working through some things," Brad says, installing himself, once again, in the Regina's Favorite People Hall Of Fame. His best friend's turned into a self-centered jealous idiot, and he's totally excusing her behavior and trying to be supportive. He rocks.

After the non-commercial break (you know, that part where the action fades out, the logo comes up, and there's supposed to be a commercial but because this is PBS, there isn't one), Abalone's on the phone, checking with the University of Wisconsin to see if she got accepted or not. In an interview, Puck Lite says, "As long as you've got friends, you can get through the rough and the tough of it. Because, at least you've got somebody to tell it to." Right on, Mouthy. Right on. Oh, I'm not including the little cut scenes of some guy I've never seen before opening his accept/decline envelope from the University of Wisconsin. Why? BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. "If you walk around with something bottled up inside you, you know," Puck Lite continues, "it'll eat away at you inside until, like, you know, you just break down." My little Pucky just gets better and better.

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