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Winter Chill

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Winter Chill

So now, Abalone's finally managed to pick up the phone and call Brad. Too bad it's pretty much just to bitch him out for, well, nothing, really. She's saying how she stopped talking to him because a lot of the things she has to say, he doesn't really care about. "'Well, did you hear from college? Did you hear from college?'" she says, mimicking Brad. "You know that's something right now that bothers me and it's something I'm very sensitive to." Oh, Lord. Shut up. SHUT UP. She mentions again how all their friends got into college except for her, and Brad tries to reason with her, but she goes all squirrelly on him, and he finally gets off the phone because he has to call the University of Wisconsin at Madison and exclaim to the admissions office, "My grand plan has worked! Abby will NEVER get into UW-Mad! Never! NEVER! Boo-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Yet another day in the life of opportunist extraordinaire Puck Lite. He's stalking the halls with an empty Oreo package, searching for change. "What's this for?" some girl asks. "I wanna get into Harvard," Puck Lite retorts. Heh. Then he's in his kitchen talking about going to Harvard with his dad. "You're gonna apply to Harvard and they're going to say, 'You know, Morgan, we'd let you in except for these failing grades in gym.'" Hee. "I wanna go to Harvard," Puck Lite states. In an interview, Morgan tells us that he was once really excited about going away to college, but now he's sort of scared because it would mean he'd have to leave his home and his friends and be alone out in the great unknown. Awwww. "Harvard, Illinois," retorts his father. "That's as close as you'll get." "That's not funny," says Morgan. "You just shat on my dreams." At least I think that's what he said. I'm not sure Morgan actually knows the past tense of "shit" but, you know, he's surprised me so far, so I'll allow it.

Somewhere, in a musical instrument shop far, far away...Allie's playing with some little instrument and doing this funky little dance that's actually kind of funny. Then she and Brett sit down with a tarot card reader for a little mystical insight from beyond. Tarot Lady tells Allie that she sees school being overwhelming, but that she's going to finish out the year great. You see, Allie? You didn't have to worry -- Tarot Lady says it's all going to be okay. Can you pass the bong? Allie then asks where Tarot Lady sees her friendship with Brett going. Tarot Lady tells her that eventually one of them is going to move out of state, but that they'll still have the same relationship that they have now. General enough for you, Allie? She then tells them that they have a connection that's lasted many lifetimes or some shit like that. Whatever. Allie and Brett buy it because that's what they need to hear (yes, I'm a skeptic -- so what?), and then they discuss their future as co-dependent slacker phone-mates.

Back at Brad's place, he's calling Abalone and gently chastising her for going off on him the other day. Brad tells her that he's not going to accept her apology right away and Abalone, kind and compassionate soul that she is, hangs up on his ass. Some kid on the sofa (Brad's brother? Friend? Lover? Who knows) tells Brad to let it go. "She's like, 'I'm waiting for you! I saved you some alcohol so we can pre-drink!' Okay, and your apology's not accepted yet," says Brad. "How can someone abuse words and say things that they don't really mean?" he intones in VO.

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