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Winter Chill

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Winter Chill

Later, at a super-excellent basement party, Abalone and Brad are hanging out. Well, they're in the same room much of the time, but they're not talking. So I guess "hanging out" is a rather strong phrase. Brad seems to think that Abalone's just playing games with him and that, a few days from now, she's going to call him or write him a letter profusely apologizing for her behavior. Don't count on it, Bradley. Brad doesn't know what he's going to do if she starts apologizing; he's always accepted her apologies, but now he's not so sure. At the party, the camera manages to catch Brad looking disgustedly at Abalone as she chats it up with everyone but him. It also manages to catch Brad leaving without saying goodbye and Abalone looking angrily after him. You dug your grave, Abalone; now rot in it.

Then Allie's trying to do something about her applications. I'm not sure what she's trying to do because, well, her conversations with Brett are unintelligible. Seriously. SPEAK UP. Turns out, Allie owes the college application lady some cover letters. Whatever. I don't really care anymore. Allie and Brett are then walking down a hallway, talking about college. "Ten years from now," says Allie in a VO, "when I think of high school, I'm gonna be thinking of Brett. I'm gonna miss her."

Meanwhile, Brad's driving along, saying, "I think this is one of the first times in our relationship that I'm doing things for myself. I freaked out last night because I didn't want to hurt her, which is how I always am. But it came to the point where I had to stick up for my own beliefs. It wasn't pretty. But, what's gotta be done has gotta be done sometimes." Rock on, Brad. Really.

In Brad's bedroom, Abalone's stretched out on his bed while Brad's sketching on a piece of paper. "You seemed fine with me last night," says Abalone, "but today you're acting very weird." Brad tells her that he's fine with her, that he's not mad at her. Of course, he isn't turning around and making eye contact with her while he says this. Kind of makes it look like you are, indeed, pissed at her, Brad. "I'm just keeping my distance," says Brad, still not turning around. "I think I'm entitled to." "But..." starts Abalone. "Because I told you that you didn't care about the things I was telling you being very important to me, you're going to keep your distance?" Huh? What? "This has nothing to do with just this, Abby," Brad pouts. This is such a stupid conversation. You're a bitch, Abalone. Get used to it. "If you want me to leave, I'm more than happy to leave. Just tell me now," she snits. "You don't have to come over," says Brad. Ouch. Abalone leaves in a huff.

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