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Winter Formalities

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Winter Formalities

Heh. Heh heh. Mouth is getting ready while listening to "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. Heh. Papa Mouth rubs the cat hair off of Mouth's black pants, and I giggle uncontrollably when his dad looks the other way for a second and accidentally gets a swab that's a mite too close to the family jewels and Mouth goes, "WHOA DADDY!" Hee. Then Mouth's in front of his mirror and he's dressed all in black and he looks really, really nice. I mean it. He looks good. Our little Pucky cleans up good. The song goes, "On the catwalk, I shake my little tush," and Mouth shakes his little tush in response. HEE.

Salima walks down her stairs, and she looks soooo adorable. Little black dress, clunky black shoes, straight black hair, tiny jewels on her eyes...sigh...they perform the exchange of the corsage (uck) and boutonnière (double uck) and they're both giggly and sweet. "She's got me under a spell," says Mouth. "Like, I think about her all the time. There's not a thought that goes through my mind that doesn't have to do with her and stuff like that. My world rotates around her and as cheesy as that may sound and as stupid as it may sound because we're just kids and stuff like that, it's what I feel on the inside. And kids are just little people. And we're not gonna be that much different later on." Then they leave the house, and Salima kisses her parents goodbye and -- gulp -- Mouth kisses both her parents goodbye as well. Tissue. I need a tissue.

I hereby officially banish the nicknames "Mouth" and "Puck Lite" to the Basement of Bad Monikers. He is heretofore to be referred to only as "Morgan." He's earned it.

At the dance, Tiffany sits at a table with Sewer because they're just, you know, friends, I guess; but she's wearing a corsage, so I guess he picked her up and gave it to her. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be enjoying each other all that much. Tiffany wishes she'd just kept the crush because she thinks she's ruined it by wanting more. See? I knew they hadn't fooled around. She just WISHED they had. Poor thing. And I mean that without a HINT of sarcasm.

The dance lasts for about thirty seconds because Morgan and Salima are driving along in his car and he tells her there's something he wants to do really quickly. Salima's dubious; she probably thinks he wants to pull over and light firecrackers and throw them at cars or something. He pops a tape in the stereo and tells Salima to get out of the car. "Are you gonna, like, pull away without me?" Salima laughingly asks. He might, sweetheart. Don't discount it. He's craaaazy. Instead, Morgan gets out of the car and the two of them dance by headlights in the street. Awwww. "I love you," he says. "I love you too," she says.

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