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How Marie Laveau Got Her Groove Back

Back at the morgue, Zoe is dragging Kyle out, and it's totally dark now, so she's apparently literally slow as well as figuratively. However, to be fair, Kyle isn't exactly the easiest to manage at the moment, convulsing with pain as he is, so it probably wasn't a quick errand to get him dressed in the other dude's clothes. Seeing the car, Zoe fishes out the keys from Kyle's pants pocket, and then we cut to them driving; I wouldn't be so bothered by how clear it is she has no destination in mind if it weren't for the fact that his extreme pain and incomprehension is making him a total transportation menace. I mean, I guess they had to get away from the dead/injured/naked guy, but she could have driven a safe distance and pulled over. And to add to the problem, Zoe tries to explain to Kyle that he died, which only upsets both of them further; he seems incapable of anything more than guttural grunting, and between that and his violent banging of all the surfaces around him, Zoe almost runs the car into the side of the bridge (?) they're crossing. She babbles some more about how she couldn't have forgiven herself if she didn't try to bring him back – and then Misty pops up from the back seat: "I forgive you." HA! Also should have seen that coming, but didn't. Awesome. Zoe almost crashes the car again, but an unperturbed Misty tells her Zoe drew her out there before ordering her to turn around and make a right. I'd wonder if Zoe were going to miss curfew if I thought Cordelia had recovered from her demon-sex ritual yet.

The sun's coming up over Misty's waterside shack as the strains of Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" begin to play (the bit here about how Stevie Nicks prefaced live performances of the song is possibly significant); inside, Misty is applying to Kyle's wounds what looks like a thick green paste but what she says is "the shit, literally." Well, if he runs into LaLaurie, he won't be the worst-smelling person in the area. Misty goes on that the swamp's combination of Spanish moss and alligator dung has amazing healing properties. "Mother Nature has an answer to everything – healed me when I was burned alive." Yeah, we can put a pin in that but that is a story I would like to hear at some point. This pings even Zoe's fairly dim radar as she IDs Misty and tells her everyone thinks she's dead; she goes on that Misty has the power of resurgence, and Misty's never heard the term before but says she likes it. She smiles that they have so much to teach each other and that she always knew there must be other witches, but she had no idea how to find them – until today. Kyle, by the way, has calmed down from the car but still looks in a pretty bad way, but Misty stops administering to him as she tells Zoe that she was meditating in the woods when her heart started racing and her teeth started vibrating; something was summoning her, and that something turned out to be Zoe. I wonder what it was about the kiss that called Misty and what exactly happened – it doesn't seem likely that the kiss was a listed ingredient of the spell, yet nor does it seem like the spell worked until that moment, so did her wish to resurrect Kit tap into Misty's power of resurgence somehow?

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