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How Marie Laveau Got Her Groove Back

Inside, Zoe apologizes to Kyle's head and a bunch of other people's body parts for everything, adding that she wishes she could have kept him out of her crazy life, and if you really think that maybe even attempting to Frankenstein's monster him wasn't the way to go? She leans in and plants one on him, whereupon we cut pointedly to Misty walking in the woods, so even now it's hard not to wonder if the kiss is going to be restorative. The morgue door then swings open, and Zoe takes cover before a youngish guy walks in. After trying the lights without success, he produces a flashlight and is rather freaked to see the grisly sight of Kyle And Friends on the table. He then hears a clanging noise, turns his light on Zoe, and asks what she's doing there – and then Kyle slowly sits up on the table behind him. Zoe's eyes go wide, and then Kyle starts beating the crap out of the guy, so Zoe rushes over to pull him off…oh no, I'm sorry. What actually happens is that she stands there for like five full seconds and lets Kyle hit him eight times before rushing over, and I like Taissa Farmiga a lot but I'm starting to wonder if Zoe really isn't all that bright? Regardless, when Kyle sees her, he stops what he's doing and stares.

Out in the sunlight, Misty arrives at the morgue. The filtering is weird – I can't tell if her vision is supposed to be somewhat distorted or if there's some weird light around her, but regardless, she sees the morgue guy's car in front of her. We then cut to a poor part of town, and we push in on the entrance to a hair salon that, once we get inside, we see is just a room or two in a house. Fiona is in the chair getting worked on by a woman of color, and when the woman pulls her hair, Fiona guesses she's not used to working on a white woman. If that sounds like good-humored deference that suggests Fiona is not a LaLaurie-level racist, hold that thought. The hairdresser snorts that they're not used to having a white woman in the neighborhood before telling Fiona she can't smoke in there, and I really do enjoy every single moment of this show but I really hope you'll forgive me for skipping just a few moments ahead to a woman appearing in the door – Marie Laveau. Again, you could have guessed; it only makes it more enjoyable, especially with her leopard-print dress, braided hair down past her ass, and her face that looks like not one day has passed since we saw her in the early 1800s. God, Angela Bassett is flawless. Marie kicks everyone out as she steps forward and puts a hand on the back of Fiona's chair: "I'll finish this one myself." I usually fast-forward through the commercials, but suddenly I feel like I should have popcorn on hand.

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