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The Coat Hanger

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The Coat Hanger

Lana is led back to her room, and as soon as she hears the corridor lights go out, she bolts up and retrieves the hanger from its bloody cloth below her mattress. She regards it for a second before folding it up so the two end points are side-by-side and then she begins stabbing at her pillow with it. As a stabbing implement, it's quite effective. Certainly effective enough, though I'm not sure she'll be able to off Thredson quick enough that he won't scream about it.

Still, off Lana goes, into the secret Thredson room. "Hello, Oliver," she says, with even more glee in her voice than I recall before. "I'm here to keep my word." Only he's not there. Ohhhh, shit.

Lana backs out of the room and warily traverses the halls, looking to find him before he finds her. She ends up running straight into Devil Eunice. "You let him out," Lana accuses, but Eunice avoids the question. She's too interested in Lana's hanger-weapon. "I thought we talked about this," she tells Lana, in her faux-disappointed voice. Lana defiantly says it's too late, the deed has been done. Devil Eunice fully gives her the "O RLY?" treatment and puts a hand to her belly. The child still lives, she tells Lana, to Lana's horror. And it's a boy! And he will constantly be mistaken for another boy his age and in his chosen profession!

Back to 2012 for a quick minute, as a patient of Dr. Catherine Martin has entered her office for her apartment. She's blathering about how she totally cheated on her post-hypnotic suggestion and at a whole bucket of chicken. When she looks up, she sees the office has been ransacked and Dr. Catherine Martin is unmoving in her swivel chair, facing the back window. Chicken Lady approaches her gingerly, and despite the fact that it makes all the sense in the world for Dr. Catherine Martin to have no face when she's turned around, she does. She's still dead, of course, but Bloody Face Jr. hasn't skinned her (yet?). As for Chicken Lady, she screams and turns around and runs right into a bloodied (but unmasked) Dylan. R.I.P. Dr. Catherine Martin. Quit talking to obviously creepy men in your next life, okay?

After the break, GUESS WHAT'S BACK? "Dominique" blares out its totalitarian chirping throughout the common room, while Lana sits and chain-smokes, hoping that if she can't get rid of this baby, she can at least give it some birth defects.

Across the room, for the first time as patient, enters Judy Martin. And oh, the looks she gets! Lana looks at her like a ghost just walked in and sat down across from her. Judy looks like hell, and Lana certainly notices. She asks what they did to her. "Nothing I didn't do to you," Jude says, which is actually pretty accurate. She asks to bum a cigarette off of Lana, "God damn it, I've earned it." She takes the smoke and tears off the filter before lighting up. This bitch. This bitch right here.

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