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Dark Cousin

Back at Briarcliff, Lana is resisting her meds and demanding to speak to Sister Jude. Devil Eunice intervenes and explains that Sister Jude is gone. Nearly hyperventilating, Lana explains that Thredson is a murderer. He killed Wendy, he killed ALL those people. They've got to call the police. Sister Eunice looks shocked, but tells Lana she has to get in bed or she'll have to get Frank to restrain her. That's one threat that gets to Lana -- she can't be chained down again. She tells Lana that she's confused, but Lana is resolute: Kit Walker is innocent. Oliver Thredson is Bloody Face. Devil Eunice flashes back to when it was inside the boy, and -- heretofore unseen by us -- it whispered into Thredson's ear, "I love your work, Bloody Face!" Think of all the time we could have saved if the Devil had said that louder! Anyway, Eunice tells Lana she believes her and feigns like she's going to take this information to the police. Lana says all of the evidence they need is in Thredson's basement, so expect that basement to be ship-shape as soon as Eunice is off shift. Devil likes a tidy house. She assures Lana that she's "safe now." Man, where's a sad trombone sound when you need it?

Outside Lana's cell, Devil Eunice relays her "crazy" claims to Frank, who scoffs at the accusations against Thredson. Eunice says Lana insists Kit Walker is innocent, which causes Frank to mention that Kit escaped from jail and there are shoot-to-kill orders out on him.

Speaking of whom, we pan down to the tunnels, where Kit is running back into the asylum to rescue his lady love. That makes the count at five times that free persons have willingly entered the tunnels and subjected themselves to Briarcliff this season. Unbeknownst to Kit, one of the Creatures from the woods is following close behind him.

In the kitchen, Grace is still bumming about how Dr. Arden saved her life and she didn't die. She begs the nun not to make her go back to her room quite so soon. The nun takes pity on her and tells her she can stay until she's done cleaning. She heads to a different room, in time for Kit to show up to save Grace. He goes to lead her back to the tunnels, but the cleaning nun returns. She's barely able to call for help before the Creature appears out of nowhere and tears her throat out with its teeth in one swift motion. It throws Kit across the room and begins menacing Grace, so Kit calls its attention back to him. It lunges at Kit, but Kit catches it with a meat hook and yanks upwards. All of the creature's guts spill out onto the floor. Go, go, basic cable! Of course, Frank shows up just in time to see Kit killing this "person," and with those shoot-to-kill orders, he draws his gun and fires. As he does, Grace screams and lunges herself in front of Kit. She takes the bullet right in the chest. In the distance, getting farther away, Frank backs Kit away from Grace. Right now, all Grace can see is the Angel, bending down over her. "Are you ready for me?" the Angel asks. She is. The great black wings unfurl, and Death delivers its kiss to sweet Grace. "I'm free," she says. Now don't go running back down the tunnel this time.

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