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The Power Is Up for Grabs

Meanwhile, the Axeman fills time by speculating that Cordelia was trying to upset him, even as he reaches into the purse Fiona left on his bed, where he immediately finds the boarding pass. One would expect someone like Fiona to have it in one of those fancy little folders, but no; she printed it off a color Inkjet or something, on regular typing paper, like a normal person. Oddly prosaic of her. But this does mean she was able to check in online and print her boarding pass more than 24 hours before her flight's departure time, which totally qualifies as an Eighth Wonder if you ask me. The Axeman is less impressed, and he huffs woundedly, "We had a deal." Fiona mockingly asks if Cordelia convinced him otherwise, then turns around to see the pass in his hand, which tells her the jig is up. She has the grace to look briefly embarrassed before coming to reclaim the printout and her purse with a kiss on the Axeman's forehead, wondering, "Why do they always insist on putting me in seat 1A?" That's another power I wouldn't mind having. She claims she was going to tell him, and throws him a bone. "You have been the most delightful distraction. A life preserver. But I'm gonna be on dry land soon." Which is more or less what Cordelia told him, too.

The Axeman asks her to pretend and humor him for a bit, and she admits, "I guess I loved you. Although I really don't know anything about love, if I'm gonna be honest." By now she's right up in his face, breathing into his lips about how he was the best lover she ever had. But on the other hand, as she bounces back away from him, she'll have 30 years of vitality from the time the next Supreme is dead until the next one comes along. "And the doors of every palace are going to open for me," she says. She's oblivious to how the Axeman is now slowly stalking her from behind, until he actually grabs her by the back of her hair. Which picks this, of all moments, to stop falling out in handfuls. He drags her back to the bed, yelling that they love each other. She struggles as he throws her down on the bed (luckily the sax isn't on it any more) and climbs on top of her to try to remind her of how he made her feel. Not like this, I hope. He kisses her until she forcefully kicks him off and gets up. She goes back to the kitchen while he goes on about her crime and betrayal of love. You'd think she'd know better than to turn her back on him a third time, since the first two times haven't worked out at all for her on this visit, but she does so anyway. And she's just starting to illustrate her indifference to and failures in love by beginning a story about a cat she had when she was eight, when the Axeman buries his hatchet in her back. Repeated blows drive her bleeding to the floor, so I guess we're not going to hear the end of that story. I feel bad for the cat anyway, though.

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