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The Power Is Up for Grabs

And cut to a flashback of Delphine, hacking a screaming and spectacularly pissed-off Marie Laveau to pieces in Cordelia's greenhouse. Which is apparently soundproofed, given the level of racket Marie is kicking up without anyone outside noticing. Delphine is kind enough to give Marie credit for the idea of cutting her up like Marie said she'd do to Delphine, just before slicing into Marie's neck. So maybe these two can patch things up after all.

Back to Queenie and Legba, now drinking cocoa in the kitchen. Queenie wants to know how to kill Delphine, but Legba, asking for more marshmallows, says as long as Marie lives, so does Delphine. "Then you need to take Marie out of the equation for me," Queenie says. Wait, what? Why? Legba says he can't do that, since he and Marie have a deal. But then Queenie points out that Marie's end of the deal is to perform an annual service for Legba, which she's obviously in no condition to do, currently being scattered all over the city. "Technically, you should say she's already in breach, right?" Legba admits that Queenie is pretty crafty. Is "crafty" really the word? I mean, maybe Queenie's motivation here is to avenge Marie, but I'm sure that all things being equal, Marie would probably prefer to be reassembled than "taken out of the equation."

Across town, the LaLaurie house is still a museum, and Delphine's portrait still hangs on the wall, but now there's a new tour guide, who's got a whole new spiel all about how damn wonderful Madame really was. That's because the new guide is Delphine herself, all made over for the 21st century. For once, Kathy Bates looks like she does on the other two shows I've recapped her on. One of the current group of visitors points out that the brochure describes Madame LaLaurie as a serial killer. "That's a misprint," Delphine snaps. Heh. Another guest asks when they get to see the torture chamber in the attic, which Delphine smoothly says is closed for renovations. "And there is no torture chamber. The attic was used for storage. And occasionally for the firm but humane correction of Madame LaLaurie's domestics." She mounts another impassioned defense of… herself, and leads the guests to the next room, while the camera zooms out the window. Where Queenie is apparently on her way to balance an equation or two.

After the ads, Delphine shows the disappointed visitors out, once again having her house to herself. Or so she thinks, until she finds Queenie lounging on one of the "antique" couches behind the velvet rope. Queenie remarks on how Delphine has been making over history as well as herself, but Delphine claims she's setting the record straight. "This historical site was nothing but a house of lies before I came back," she says piously. At least a house of lies is easy to flip.

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