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The Power Is Up for Grabs

In a rather more elegant setting, Fiona is sitting for her portrait in the parlor at Miss Robichaux's. She points out the spot on the wall where she wants it hung, a large, empty space that has absolutely no reason to have been blank all these years. Myrtle goes on about how wonderful the artist is, though it's obvious from his style that he's the same painter who did Delphine's portrait 180 years ago (sorry again, prop department). Suddenly Fiona's nose starts bleeding. A real artist would add the blood to his palette, but this one just lets Fiona wipe it away with a tissue. As she does so, she catches a reflection of herself in a lamp and bemoans the condition of her face as it's being immortalized, and her mental prediction that she's got less than two weeks left on earth. "So what the hell am I doing here?" Stroking your vanity? Is that so out of character?

Up in her room, Fiona is looking though her jewelry box when Cordelia stomps in all in a snit about Queenie being on the Seven Wonders schedule. Fiona's not in the mood for a fight, especially when she gets a load of Cordelia's volcanic-looking eye-holes. "Did you really think self-mutilation would restore your power?" she asks. "Right up until I tried it," Cordelia says unrepentantly. Fiona says Cordelia will never lose her power, it being inside her and completely separate from Fiona, as much as Fiona might want to take credit for it. Cordelia softens at this uncharacteristic modesty (again), so Fiona offers her a valuable jeweled necklace that belonged to her mother. Cordelia remembers it, and realizes Fiona is saying goodbye. Fiona goes around behind Cordelia to put it around her neck, and unfortunately for Fiona, this is the moment Cordelia's Sight chooses to come back.

And here's what Cordelia Sees. She's suddenly on the balcony overlooking the main hall of the darkened academy, looking down at the body of Madison, who has been recently re-killed with her head sticking through the broken railing and a puddle of her blood on the main floor far below. Further down the stairs, Zoe has been nailed high on the wall with a rail post that protrudes from her chest. In the parlor, Misty's body lies facedown and bleeding on the piano, while the late Queenie sprawls nearby with another post jammed down her dead throat. In the final puddle of blood lies Cordelia herself, her ruined eyes still wide open and pointed at the ceiling. A gloved hand reaches down to retrieve the necklace still around her neck-- the hand belonging to Fiona, who is obviously the one who mowed down the entire coven. Even worse, she removes the necklace with a sharp tug, because people are so damn careless about necklace clasps on TV. Cordelia says none of this to Fiona after the vision ends, and claims to be fine. She's just wondering what became of the ring that goes with the necklace. I think a more relevant question would be where she might go in case she ever needs to have that clasp repaired.

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