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We don't see Queenie's brains, but she definitely looks at least passed out after she fires the gun, and I remember reading Ryan Murphy saying in an interview that he didn't want to do a spinoff for any of the characters this season because then he couldn't start killing them off exactly around this episode. So that, coupled with the fact that Marie shows up at Miss Robichaux's alone at the end of the episode, leads me to believe that that gunshot wound "killed" Queenie. Death means nothing this season, of course, so Misty or Delia or whoever could of course bring her back with all that mud they made, I'm just entertaining the possibility at this point that Queenie might be for real dead. We'll find out after the break, I guess!

Back at Delphi, Hank's father weeps for his son. Over at Luke's hospital bed, he wakes up to find his mother at his side. He tearily accuses her of murdering his father. She sweetly denies it, tells him to go back to sleep, and then SMOTHERS HIM TO DEATH WITH A PILLOW. Good god, this season hates mothers. If this is the last of Patti LuPone this season, her guest appearance didn't really serve any other purpose than as a vague criticism of religious zealotry -- which is really out of place and probably belongs in Season 2 – but mostly as yet another example of just how awful women can be to their children.

Fiona answers a knock at the door at Miss Robichaux's to find Marie at her doorstep, now much more amenable to the partnership Fiona proposed earlier. Fiona lets her in with a triumphant smirk. So, if the witch hunters represent male patriarchy's desperate attempt to rein in female power (and they do), does this mean patriarchy trumps racism? Does this show put any thought into what it's saying with these plot twists?

After the holidays: Stevie Nicks guest stars! Does anything else matter?

Mindy Monez will never look at a melon baller the same way again. You can tweet with her @garnisheater.

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