American Horror Story
I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

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I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

Lana's back in the common room, amongst the head-bangers and the masturbators, looking glum as hell. Dr. Thredson shows up to apologize for that unpleasant business with the aversion therapy. His bad! He offers Lana that photo of Wendy as a peace offering. Lana says they'll never let her keep it. Thredson says she only has to hide it for a week, as he intends to take her with him when he leaves at the end of the week. He doesn't know how yet, of course, so it's really great that he promises her. Nothing like a promise that you have no idea how you're going to keep. But Lana smiles and cries one perfect tear anyway.

Kit is in Sister Jude's office -- she thinks to plead for leniency for him and Grace, but really this is about how Dr. Thredson has him convinced that he really did kill all those women, he just doesn't remember. He starts asking Jude about God and whether he can see all the things they've done, even if we can't remember. Sister Jude flashes again on running that girl down with her car and trembles, "Yes." Kit says that he feels like he must've killed those women and repressed it -- after all, those creatures he saw can't be real. Of course, he's talking to the one person in Briarcliff who's come face-to-face with them, not that Sister Jude is about to mention that. She shows Kit some real compassion as he asks her to help him find God.

Elsewhere, Dr. Arden hauls Anne Frank violently into his examination room. She's defiant, saying she knows who he is, while he yells back that she doesn't even know who SHE is. She asks if he's going to do the same thing to her as he did to those girls in Auschwitz. "I was never in Auschwitz," he says, grabbing her, "I'm from Scottsdale!" He strikes her down to the ground and goes to close the door and show her what really goes on in his lab. When he turns around though, she's pointing a gun at him -- she lifted it from the cops who were there earlier. (And the ... apparently haven't noticed yet or if they did, I guess they assumed they left it on the counter at Dunkin' Donuts rather than got it stolen by one of the many CRIMINALLY INSANE people at Briarcliff or maybe they did realize it but decided not to alert anyone right away because, hey, come 6 o'clock it's not their problem.) She calls him Hans Gruper again (tee hee) and orders him to confess. Instead, he charges at her, so she shoots him in the right thigh and he goes down. Anne Frank is not kidding around. This is some Inglourious Basterds-style avenging, but this is exactly the kind of show that can bear it. She spots the door to Arden's secret lab and demands the key. He spits at her, but she kicks at his wounded leg and threatens to shoot the other one, so he tosses the keys over. She opens the door... and finds Shelley, poor Shelley, crawling towards her. Boils on her skin. Teeth rotting out. Barely alive. "Kill me... " she croaks. Begs. Until next week...

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