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I Am Anne Frank, Part 2

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I Am Anne Frank, Part 2

It's Devil Eunice who opens Kit's cell, only to tell him that Sister Jude changed her mind. She said he showed signs of "true redemption," I guess during that last chat where he got all weepy about his probably guilt. Which makes Sister Jude's dismissal of Dr. Thredson's concerns even better, as she could have easily just told him she changed her mind but didn't want to give him the satisfaction. "You're being released from solitary," Eunice says. "Yay." Devil Eunice mirthlessly saying "Yay" is on Top 5 moments of the season, and it's a very competitive list. "What about Grace?" Kit asks, and Eunice assures him he hasn't forgotten about her.

Kit is led away and indeed Eunice moves on to Grace, but while Grace foolishly starts talking about how much she actually missed the awful food in the cafeteria, Eunice is like, "Oh no, you're not allowed food for 12 hours before the procedure." See, while Sister Jude saw redemption in Kit, she got no such sense from Grace. Devil Eunice smirks to Grace that she'll need to rest up as she goes under the knife first thing in the morning. Grace starts to freak and screams to be let out, to no avail. The camerawork, again, is bananas in this scene, sometimes peering down from like 20 feet above, the cell taking on impossible dimensions. Finally, when Grace is all thrashed out and lying on her dirty mattress, we see a light beam in from outside the door. A bright light. A too-bright light. An awfully familiar too-bright light. The camera pushes in on Grace's face, then to her eye, close enough to see the reflection of a bulbous-headed, spindly limbed creature nanoseconds before we cut to commercial. Gurl, u gettin' abducted, gurl.

"Dominique, -nique, -nique" says it's time for meds in the common room. Lana's looking pretty despondent and zombified right about now, and as she stares out the barred window, we see the POV of something advancing behind her. The soundtrack gets all intense and scary, and Lana jumps at the hand on her shoulder, but it's only Dr. Thredson. Cheap scares! You almost got me, show! I will now give no further thought to the symbolic meaning of such a shot sequence! Anyway, he's all "We're leaving here tonight, you and me. Meet me by the staircase after dinner." Sounds like a clever, well thought-out plan.

Thredson then strides down to his office, where Kit is waiting for their session. Kit's all worked up about how Grace is getting sterilized, but Thredson very plainly says it's not his problem. Because far be it from Ollie Thredson to interfere in Sister Jude's sovereign business. He's here to help Kit complete his very therapeutic therapy, wherein Kit realizes that he really did kill those women. The next step, in Kit "giving [him]self-permission to believe it" is to commit a full confession to tape. Thredson has conveniently brought a recording device for this very occasion. Kit wants to make sure that if he does this, Thredson will tell the courts that he belongs in Briarcliff and not the electric chair. Thredson says yes, but only if Kit confesses like he really means it.

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