American Horror Story
I Am Anne Frank, Part 2

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I Am Anne Frank, Part 2

...Okay, here's the deal. I know I probably should have been playing the Which Main Character Is Bloody Face? parlor game since episode 1, but I'd been having so much fun with the show that it honestly never occurred to me. Obviously we'd find out that Bloody Face was really Gwyneth around episode ten or so, and that would be that. So I understand how the rest of you are totally justified in your gloating that you Called It (!), but understand that I kinda never gave a shit. HOWEVER. As soon as Ollie Thredson laid out this hella sketchy plan in the name of therapy, even dumbass me realized something was up. Obviously the guy is a family member of one of the victims or somebody else with an agenda to fuck over Kit Walker and send him to the electric chair hey you know who would have just such an interest in seeing Kit Walker executed for the Bloody Face murders the real Bloody Face OH WAIT. Anyway. Anyway, Kit goes along with this, because as an intellectual, Kit makes for a great underwear model.

So while Kit Walker is laying down tracks one through 12 of his hit album Hey, I Murdered My Wife -- Would the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Please Execute Me Now?, that very wife is appearing to Grace from her new home on the Cylon base ship. The images dissolve into each other pretty quickly, so it's hard to keep track, but it looks like Grace is naked and strapped down to a table with saran wrap, just like Kit was in the season premiere. Alma is there as perhaps a liaison on behalf of the aliens/Cylons/circus people. She tells Grace not to fight it, as that will only make it worse. Alma is also naked, and pregnant, I should note. Alma tells Grace her name and then backs away, to make room for the alien, which I'm just going to call Vagina Face for the sake of symmetry. Grace screams, and it's not super clear what the alien does to her, though a shallow cut does appear on her stomach. Whatever it is, she's scared as shit about it.

Sister Jude's in her office, trying to get ahold of Mr. Goodman. To, you know, cancel her order of Nazi research, I guess. Unless she also hired Goodman to take care of Arden? I'm not sure the Mother Superior would have sent her to Goodman if that's the kind of thing he does. Anyway, Jude tells whomever's taking Goodman's messages to tell him that she gave him the wrong information. She hangs up and of course Dr. Arden is skulking in her doorway, asking what wrong information she's referring to. She avoids the subject and says it's not important. Just tell him you fucked up your pizza order, lady. This isn't difficult.

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