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Elsewhere, Devil Eunice strides into the common room like the hot bitch she now is and heads right for the record player. "Dominique" will play no more. At least for today. Her casual defiance of Sister Jude's law is merely to announce to the gathered crazies that a storm is coming, and when it hits, half of them won't be able to move and the other half won't be able to stop moving and that just won't do. Devil Eunice's flat affect is dripping with indifference and I want to spread it on toast I love it so much. She tells them about Sister Jude's movie screening and how they'll all be together, in the dark and watching a movie full of "fire, sex, and the death of Christians. What fun." At this point, the one lady who looks like Miss Havisham walks up to Devil Eunice and starts muttering in Spanish, clearly having spotted the demon in her. Devil Eunice just flashes her some yellow-eyed action and hot-bitches her way out of the room again.

Across the room, Kit is trying to sell Grace on the idea that the night of the movie -- with lockdown suspended -- would be the perfect opportunity to try to escape again. Grace is like, "But we just tried that and got caught, 'member?" Kit thinks that only means nobody will be expecting it. Ahhh, the "we're due" school of thought, favored by many an indebted casino gambler. Lana enters the room and Grace gets up in her face about her betrayal. Lana doesn't back down, saying she'd do it again if it means Kit wouldn't be able to kill any more women. Kit, ever the sweetheart, says he'd have done the same if he believed what she believes, but only he's innocent. This little rehashing of everybody's position on the issues gets interrupted because Kit's been called to Dr. Arden's office.

In Sister Jude's office, Frank the Security Guard is giving her the update on his surveillance of Dr. Thredson. Nothing at all suspicious, he says, which she of course takes to mean only that they haven't been paying attention long enough. BTW, she's got the incriminating 1949 newspaper laid out across her entire desk at this point... like, way to be stealthy, Sister. Devil Eunice comes barging in with a decanter in one hand and a wine glass in the other. My kind of demonically-possessed lady. Sister Jude tells her to hold her water while she tells Frank to keep watching and assume the worst. When Sister Jude finally looks up at Eunice, she's alarmed at the wine she's carrying. Eunice has some brusque song-and-dance about how one of the patients has been into the communion wine (she suspects Spivey), but really the whole point is so the demon can dangle Sister Jude's old temptations in front of her. She tells Jude to taste it, as she's sure it's been watered down, but Jude refuses. "Oh, of course, how could I forget," Devil Eunice quips. "Since 1949, when you had a calling from Jesus Christ Our Lord which inspired you to renounce alcohol and all worldly pleasures." One of these days, I'm gonna write my master's thesis on the Ryan Murphy Humor Through Exaggerated Exposition technique. It's a pretty boring line without Lily Rabe to sell it; girl's on fire this week. Eunice says she'll taste it herself, but by this point, Sister Jude has noticed the harlot-red lipstick she's wearing. Not sure how she could have missed it, since Massachusetts disaster relief are asking Eunice to stand outside in the middle of the storm so ships at sea can navigate by its brightness. Devil Eunice smiles a big, obnoxious smile and says the shade is called "Ravish-Me Red" and it suits her porcelain complexion quite well. Can't argue with that, Sister. While Sister Jude wipes it off her face, Devil Eunice babbles that the lipstick is actually for her, at the request of Dr. Arden, who asked Eunice to give it to Jude as a gift, saying "Red is Sister Jude's favorite color and she'll understand just why I want her to have it."

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