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With Sister Jude gone, Devil Eunice strides heedlessly to the front row and takes her seat for the dead Christians. Lana, meanwhile, bugs Dr. Thredson about Wendy. He says he tried to call her, but there was no answer, so he went to the house and let himself in the unlocked door. Nobody was there, but he found blood on the carpet near her bedroom door. I love how he's just getting to telling her this now, after sitting next to her for at least ten minutes waiting for the movie to begin. He tells Lana there were certain "similarities" between Wendy's disappearance and "some of the other victims." Lana, alarmed, wants to know what Thredson's trying to say, but she already gets it. Her glance over at Kit kind of gives that away. At this point, they both get loudly shushed by Devil Eunice, who is trying to enjoy Charles Laughton's mincing. Thredson's voice gets even lower as he tells Lana he has some concerns that the maniac women-killer hasn't been caught at all. He's brought this to the police, but they think they got their man. Lana desperately wants Thredson to tell her that they HAVE got their man, but he can't. Meantime, Grace has gotten up to ask Frank if she can use the bathroom, distracting him enough to let Kit and Shelley slip out. It's all happening! Lana turns to Kit once again and, seeing that he's not there, whispers to Dr. Thredson that it's really not appropriate that she be seeing all this lurid female sexuality, what with her condition and all. She asks to be excused and scurries out. Frank is too busy leering at the screen to notice.

With lightning flashing outside and the lights flickering inside, Sister Jude roams the corridors, looking for "The Mexican." Meanwhile, Dr. Arden faces the ivory statue of the Virgin Mary and glares at it, twisting the tube of lipstick in his hand. Meanwhile, Kit, Shelley, and Grace head for the tunnel. Meanwhile, Lana follows them. Grace and Kit explain to Shelley about the tunnel and Grace is like, "assuming it's really there." "It's there," pipes up Lana from the end of the hall. "That touched nun brought me in through there." Ha ha, "touched" indeed. Grace is all over Lana's ass, shoving her up against a wall. Lana apologizes to Kit and says she was wrong about him, but now someone she loves may be in danger. "I know you can understand that." Kit informs Grace that Lana is coming with them, no arguments. So off they go, but Kit spots security guard Carl around the corner. Kit says they'll have to take him down, but Shelley's like, "Um, he fought in Korea, so..." She says she'll distract Carl and let them run for the tunnel, if they promise to try and wait for her. And if they can't -- if she doesn't make it -- she makes Lana promise to write the story that "blows the doors off this place." Lana nods. "Don't forget about me!" Shelley pleads. Kinda heavy on the foreshadowing there, right?

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