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Spilt Milk

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Spilt Milk

I love a lot of things about Evan Peters, but perhaps most of all (this season at least) is that dumb, contented smile he puts on Kit's face whenever something slightly happy occurs. He's in the middle of prison basically and his life is threatened on a daily basis, but show him a cute baby and this doofus smiles like he's been resting on a mountain of cotton balls. What a dummy that Kit is. Grace is doing her fair share of misplaced blissing out, too, but I'm still chalking that up to Alien Stockholm Syndrome. She lets him hold the baby and it's sweet and affecting, but I can't even concentrate because YOU'RE IN THE LOONY BIN WITH AT LEAST ONE MASS MURDERER AND YOUR LADY IS THE UNDEAD AND YOUR BABY IS A CYLON.

Finally, Kit asks Grace the first of many obvious questions: namely "WTF?" Grace offers an explanation (to the best of her ability -- she says it's fuzzy for her too), and the show tries to clear things up visually, but I admit none of it is all that coherent. The upshot is that while in the aliens' care, Grace was implanted with what looks like a giant seed pod, like the kind you would find in a bowl of potpourri. This seed pod appears to have been inserted vaginally, which makes Grace's blissful mood even MORE suspect, if you ask me. She says time works differently up there, which is how the baby grew so fast. She seems to have a decently high opinion of the aliens; "They're not like us," she says, "they're not cruel." On the subject of Alma, however, Grace says that the aliens sometimes make mistakes. What we see appears to be Grace surfacing in a pool of water, pregnant, and looking up at the seemingly dead body of Alma, also floating in a pool of water on the ceiling. Yeah, I don't get alien home d├ęcor either. Grace passes on her condolences to Kit; she knows all his plans of having a family were supposed to be with Alma and not her. Kit doesn't understand what the aliens wanted with her, but Grace echoes Dr. Arden's thoughts from a few episodes ago: it's all about Kit. Obviously, engineering a Kit Walker offspring was important to them. "You're special," Grace theorizes. "Our baby is special. People will listen to him. He's going to change the way people think." ...Okay, so what horrible future person is this kid going to grow up to be? (By the way, this season began in the fall of 1964 and since then, we've passed Christmas and obviously New Year's Eve and thus we've entered the year 1965. Ryan Murphy was born in 1965. Sit with that for a while.) Kit's not worried about any of that -- he just wants to raise this kid right. Through tears, he says that Alma would want him to do the right thing, so he asks Grace to marry him. Always a smooth move to reference your ex in a marriage proposal.

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