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The Name Game

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The Name Game

After the credits and commercials, we return to a most unpleasant sight: Monsignor Howard somehow survived his crucifixion at the hands of Leigh Emerson. His hands are bandaged at the moment, keeping him from writing "Howard: 1; Jesus: 0" in his journal. Anyway, Devil Eunice wheels him into his sick bed and tells him about the five-state manhunt currently underway to find Emerson. Howard, for his part, has the sense to be embarrassed about his "blindness" in the face of Emerson's blatantly false penitence. Devil Eunice, as is her way, gets all weirdly sexual as she gets down on her knees and takes off his slippers. "If you need something, I'm close by" and all. Meanwhile, Howard is getting really serious about his rosary beads and we soon see why, as he flashes back to being up on that cross and Angel Conroy comes for him. She tells him that it's not his time yet, as the Devil walks among them in the person of Sister Eunice, and it is his task to cast her out. She tells him to guard his thoughts against her, using the rosary to help him focus on God instead. "This is your moment, Timothy," she says proving that our Angel knows how to play the Monsignor juuust right. Back in the now, he thanks Eunice, who leaves him to go oversee a delivery, promising "exciting new things" for Briarcliff. I love how she's genuinely enthused about whatever this is.

And with good reason, since this development is apparently a jukebox for the common room. While Devil Eunice supervises its installation, Judy sits on the couches with Lana drawing off her cig with a posture that's simultaneously contemptuous and not giving a fuck. She tells Lana that Eunice is doing this to taunt her. And indeed, when Eunice makes her speech to the gathered crazies, she laments the loss of their dear "Dominique" record (may she rest in peace) at the hands of an inmate she'll only refer to as "G2573." Oh, how very Javert of Devil Eunice. And how timely! Jude kind of rolls her eyes, but doesn't give Eunice the satisfaction of a response. Eunice proceeds to unveil the jukebox, though one of the crazies mistakes it for a cigarette machine. That's okay, because Eunice is excited enough for everyone: "IT'S A GREAT BIG MUSIC BOX!" she exclaims. And she dedicates the first song to Miss Judy Martin: "I Put a Spell on You." Lana kind of goggles at the revelation of Jude's real name, although Judy says it's not anymore. "We're all just numbers here," she says and she pushes past Kit on her way out.

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