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The Name Game

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The Name Game

Lana runs up to hug Kit and then pulls him away to talk. He's like, "Thredson's loose," which Lana takes as a really great guess until Kit points across the room at ol' Ollie, dressed back up in his doctor's duds, very much back in business at Briarcliff. He makes a beeline for Lana and Kit and joins them. He notices Lana eyeing the ashtray on the table, so he pulls it away. "Wise move," she says. "I was about to bash your face in." Well, there goes the element of surprise. "I know you were," he sneers at her. "I admire your pluck. It's a quality I hope you'll pass on to our child." This talk of a child is news to Kit, so Thredson informs him -- and Lana, as it happens -- that the baby is the only thing keeping Lana alive. Lana's like, "Then what, you'll kill me?" Thredson tells her she's being ridiculous. He's going to keep her alive at least long enough to breastfeed, as "the health benefits are myriad." Kit calls him a sick, twisted fuck and it's hard to disagree with him, though I like the idea that Kit is just coming to this realization right now. Thredson gets all explain about how he can't turn Kit in with his taped confession and all, so he'll just have to put up with his continues presence and resume treatment tomorrow. Both Lana and Kit drop their jaws at the revelation that Thredson is now full-time staff. He gives all due credit to Sister Eunice for his promotion, adding that the good nun is "surprisingly adept at untying slipknots."

That night, the women's ward gets raided. Devil Eunice "find[s] it keeps our charges honest." Judy acknowledges that she's being mocked, but that's not important right now, because Lana lurches out and grabs Eunice, accusing her of letting a monster go free. "When he murders me," she says, "you will be responsible." Yeah, I'm gonna bet that's not going to weigh too heavily on Eunice's conscience. Eunice sings Thredson's praises, how he will whip this place into shape and how he's so concerned for Lana's baby, too. She sends Lana to the hydrotherapy room (what I've been calling the tub room) to be "boiled" for 20 minutes. Now for Judy, who volunteers a bone to pick with Eunice. Unfortunately, Eunice has all the power and she emerges from Jude's room with a cucumber, which is a rather crude joke at Judy's expense. "Bet you got the idea from Shelley," Eunice gloats, then wonders if Jude thinks about the Monsignor when she uses it. Jude calls Eunice a "vile thing," but Eunice disingenuously goes on about how they can't have Judy "diddling [her]self all night long." Jude's still defiant, daring Eunice to punish her.

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