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Devil in a Red Dress

Anyway, Lana starts screaming, but of course the basement is soundproof, like, duh. Thredson says tells her he disposed of Wendy's body where nobody will find it, as it wouldn't do to have the body crop up now that Kit Walker has confessed to all those killings. He presents Lana with the sandwich and tomato soup and deems them the perfect "mommy" snack. Which gives him the opening to delve into his whole sad saga about how his mother abandoned him and left him to grow up in the "system" of orphanages and foster care and the abuse and neglect found therein. Pretty standard serial killer stuff, but that's what this show is all about: taking our iconic depictions of horror and throwing them back at us with the volume turned WAY up.

Thredson continues talking about the orphanage, how they never allowed any unnecessary touching or affection, so obviously that became his pathology. Lana does a good job of connecting with him on a human level, complimenting him on the sandwich and saying she, too, knew what it was like to be abandoned, when she was at Briarcliff. Rather than see through this very basic attempt to gain his favor, he just giggles like a child and says that Lana is "the one," just like he thought. He tells her that he was always very self-aware; he knew there was something wrong with him. That led him to study psychology and in medical school to have his first "breakthrough." This breakthrough came in the form of him staying around after class, getting naked, and climbing atop the cadaver that he says represented his mother. Classic. The sexually perverted mommy's boy. I may not be the biggest fan of the guy's acting chops, but I'll now give a thumbs-up to the casting of Quinto. His irrepressible gayness brings that Anthony Perkins element into this whole storyline, which is as intrinsic to the archetype as anything else. We have always loved our queer monsters.

Thredson explains for the dumb ones in the audience that he realized what he'd been missing all those years: touch. "Skin-to-skin contact." But that cadaver was cold and smelled of formaldehyde, see. He tells Lana about the Harlow studies, where monkeys were used to prove that primates seek tactile comfort from mother figures. Anyway, that cadaver could not satisfy his cravings, and so we see him embark upon a series of murders, collecting women, removing their skin while they were still alive. The only one we actually see Thredson murder is the librarian -- the same flashback footage we saw when Thredson was trying to convince Kit that he committed the murders. We don't see Thredson kill Alma, however; which makes sense, because she's with the aliens. See how much sense that makes?? Thredson tells Lana that all that "work" is now behind him. And why? Well, it appears he's now found his "Mommy."

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