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Devil in a Red Dress

Back in the now, Arden exposits to Howard (though really for us) that his experiments with a viral combination of syphilis and tuberculosis (fun!) have produced results "unseen in history of medical science." He's taken these people who were "less than men" and made them "more than human." He invites Howard to his lab where he can observe Spivey, and when he gets there, of course, Spivey is basically the Elephant Man. Arden, however, refers to him and his brethren as the "next stage of human evolution." Which... I knew Jean Grey. Jean Grey was a friend of mine. You, Dr. Arden, don't get to swipe dialogue from Jean Grey.

Anyway, apparently the whole idea is that Arden wants to prepare the human race for survival when the Russians end up launching their nukes, so he decided to nudge the species along and make them impenetrable now rather than waiting for natural selection to do its thing. Howard is repulsed, but obviously he can't do anything or else they both go down in flames. Arden also makes mention of how "everything" will come to light if Howard blows the whistle, implying that the Monsignor has something else to hide that we don't know about yet. And look -- whatever. Can't we all just bond over the fact that Dr. Arden has done away with Marc Consuelos once and for all? Arden instead wants Howard to focus on the threat they both have in common, which I guess means Sister Jude.

Elsewhere, in the best room in the house, Devil Eunice and Orphan Jenny are cooking by candlelight. Jenny is explaining in that monotone of hers that her mother left her here because she thinks she killed her friend Josie. Eunice asks if she did, and Jenny says no. Eunice: "Did so." She tells this little girls that she knows everything: "I'm the Devil." With a sparkle in her eye. She tells Jenny that dumb old Josie totally deserved what she got. "She didn't even like you. She only played with you only because her mother told her to." She tells Jenny that she has the gift of "authentic impulse" and not to let them kill it.

Then Devil Eunice kind of surprises me by going into a story from her youth. Eunice's youth. I like this idea that Devil Eunice isn't a completely separate entity but rather an infusion of evil into Mary Eunice herself. She recalls for Jenny how she wasted so much time trying to be a good girl and get people to like her. We cut to home-movie footage of Mary Eunice at a teenage pool party, where the awful mean girls tricked her into taking off her robe and standing naked in front of everybody, boys included. Oh, how they laughed.

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