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Devil in a Red Dress

Back in the kitchen, Devil Eunice sniffs away a tear and tells Jenny to never be a victim like she was when she "retreated" to God. "You know there's no God right?" she tells her. Just a bunch of crap to keep you from becoming what you are. "Look where God got me," she scoffs, "taking orders from some mean old bitch who drinks and wears trashy red lingerie under her habit." Jenny giggles, as should we all. But then she despairs that they're going to lock her up and not let her have any fun, forevermore. Devil Eunice just tells her not to be a whiner. "You're smarter than they are," she says, and commands her to learn how to defend herself. At this, she lays down the knife she's been chopping veggies with and nudges it in Jenny's direction.

Sister Jude is in her office, just getting off the phone with Jenny's mother. It seems that Jude has convinced this poor woman to come back and retrieve her bad seed, but Monsignor Howard doesn't even get the whole story, as the sour look on his face makes Sister Jude trail off. "What is that expression on your face, Timothy?" she asks, knowing something's up. He tells her that Briarcliff has become a burden for her, and that he's contacted Father Bernard in Pittsburgh. He's holding a position for her at their home for wayward girls. Jude looks heartbroken, asking of she's being fired. Howard only tells her she's lost her way and that he's booked her on a flight out of Logan on Friday morning. Sister Jude knows it's Dr. Arden behind this, and Howard yells at her that Arden's not the issue. She yells right back that Arden is entirely the issue, and also that she was right about him. Howard won't listen, of course, and tells her to pack her things.

Sister Jude is in her room, packing up, when Devil Eunice arrives with word that Jenny's mother came by and took her hellspawn daughter home. Jude's fighting back tears now as she explains Monsignor Howard's decision. My favorite part is Eunice's reaction to Pittsburgh. PITTSBURGH! "But what will become of us?" Eunice says in her closest approximation to innocence. They hug, but behind her back, Devil Eunice is picking up that red nightie from Jude's drawer and then hastily putting it back down. Amazing. "I won't leave you to the tender mercies of Dr. Arden," Sister Jude resolves. She sends Eunice to retrieve the cognac she keeps in the kitchen and two "very clean" glasses. Not that I wouldn't want these two bitches to drunk it out, but lady's got a plan.

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