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Devil in a Red Dress

In his motel room, Sam Goodman is working on his evidence wall when there's a knock at the door. It's not Sister Jude with the incriminating fingerprints, though. It's Devil Eunice, who whispers that Sister Jude doesn't know she's here. Aw, Sam. Good knowing you.

Sister Jude doesn't make it to Goodman's motel until after the commercial break, and by then it's far too late. He's lying on the bathroom floor with a shard of glass in his neck, blood everywhere. Sister Jude freaks out, not only at the carnage but also at the realization that her one shot as besting Arden is bleeding out in front of her. With the little bit of life left in him, he's trying to say something. "Arden did this," she says, but he tells her no. "A nun," he chokes out. "One of yours."

Speak of the Devil, she's back at Briarcliff, presenting Dr. Arden with all of Goodman's evidence on him and his life as Hans Grouper. He tries to defend himself against the accusation, calling Goodman and his like nothing but self-hating, money-grubbing Jews. He cries out that he's not a monster, he's a visionary. Dropping his fa├žade of wicked control, Arden seems almost tortured by the fact that he has to carry out his work in secret. Eunice tells him he doesn't have to make a case to her, and he starts to get suspicious. Why is she covering for him? He's not so delusional to think that she's in love with him -- though you can see the hurt on his face when he says that. Devil Eunice merely tells him that he needs to trust her. "This is the beginning of a whole new era," she says. She kisses him softly on the cheek and promises that everything will work out.

Across town, Jenny is explaining to the police about a man in a beard and a brown coat, who threatened her to keep quiet. The victims this time? Jenny's mother and siblings, and sticking out of her mom's back is that kitchen knife that Devil Eunice so suggestively presented to her. "He said he would kill me too, if I moved a muscle," she monotones, all while twirling a lock of hair in her hand.

Thredson's still in the Bloody Face mask, cutting open Lana's blouse with his scalpel, talking her through how most of the women scream when he first cuts into their skin, but don't worry, shock soon takes over. Comforting! She tries to talk her way out of it, and it's not like Thredson is unmoved. He actually sheds some tears as he talks about the high hopes he had for her. See, he's had his eye on her since before Briarcliff, when he scoped her out in the press pool, waiting for Kit Walker to be marched to his arraignment. We see a flashback where Lana talks to another reporter about delving into the psychology of these so-called monsters, finding out what in their lives happened to make them this way. He thought she'd understand him. "I do understand," she trembles, but he doesn't believe her anymore. "That's all right," she says, taking another angle and he cuts through her bra straps. "I don't want you to feel guilty. A mother's love is unconditional." She talks about how he never had that, and everyone deserves it. She calls him her "baby." Transparent as this attempt is, it actually works. Thredson takes off the mask and commences weeping. Then he looks at her, deranged, and says, "Baby needs colostrum." How ... specific. As Lana braces herself for horror of another kind, Thredson descends upon her to suckle from mother's breast. Still alive, though, Lana. Small victories.

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