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As they unload all of this on Misty, Delia gets real about what a burden being the Supreme is, and how none of the women on the wall had happy lives. Except her mother, who ran from it. After killing to get it? That's interesting. After that speech Misty pipes up and says she doesn't want to be the Supreme, but unfortunately, you do not get to choose. The Supreme just Is, apparently. You have to do a ceremony, though, or it won't work! And also the Supreme has to perform 7 Wonders in order to get the title! But sure, you can't choose. OK.

They grasp hands as we see a stylish black and white film piece that accompanies Delia's narration of a historic time this ceremony took place before, during the Salem Witch Trials as an act of selflessness by a Supreme with Consumption. She took her life so a stronger, younger Supreme could lead her Coven on the lengthy journey to safety down South. Myrtle: "Can you imagine? Those poor Salem witches traveling all the way down here without a proper charcuterie platter or a bidet? Absolutely SAVAGE!" Killin' it this week, that one. Madison reveals that their plan is to get Fiona to kill herself, and obviously, that's gonna be a little difficult. Delia, however, remains confident as ever.

Fiona is in her gorgeous subway tiled bathroom puking her brains out, when Donovan's "Season of the Witch" comes on her bedroom clock radio (old people!). A little on the nose, but fun nonetheless. When she goes to see what's up, she finds Madison dancing around in a flowy red dress. "I've always loved this room," she says. Between the Axeman and Madison, the undead sure love commenting on their favorite and least favorite rooms in Miss Robichaux's. Madison flounces about acting like she's so excited to redecorate all of it once it's hers very soon. You see, Fiona, she is the next Supreme. Who brought her back to life? She brought herself back to life! So be afraid. Oh, and get your shit out of here ASAP. Madison is dying to have sex in your bed.

Madison threatens to turn her in to The Council, but, oh, right Fiona killed Myrtle. Well, no problem, rules are rules, and since Fiona killed Madison and everyone knows about it, they will just burn Fiona at the stake, Council ruling or no Council ruling. Unless, of course, Fiona kills herself first. No sense in burning a witch who's already dead! And besides, she's already half dead anyway. What's the difference? Madison crams a handful of pills into Fiona's hand and flits out of the room. She also calls her "FiFi," which is wonderful. Fiona looks truly awful, physically, in this scene, and it's just perfect. I have a feeling Jessica Lange probably wasn't super thrilled about looking this raw on television, but the contrast to Emma Roberts' vibrant youth is exactly as it should be if this is what you're going for.

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