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The Sacred Taking

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Some time later, Fiona is awakened by Spalding, whose spirit has been trapped in the house after his murder by Zoe. This season has hit that annoying stage fantasy shows often hit where no one can ever really die, consequences don't exist, and every act is reversible. This is why I hate this genre.

Spalding gives her ipecac and fills her in on the plot against her. She initially refuses – this is the first decent, selfless thing she's ever done for the Coven and she intends to see it through. Spalding cannot bear to see her martyred to lesser witches. He won't have it. He divulges all their lies, he even tells her all about Misty "the swamp witch." Swayed, Fiona takes the ipecac and out come the pills. She is now alive and ready to kick some ass. "I will avenge your murder. Right after I avenge my own." It would be great if someone else came in and just changed her mind yet again with another few sentences. Fiona is the most malleable person on this show all of a sudden. How the hell did that happen?

Delphine is still in her cage in the back room at Marie's. Oh, hello, this storyline! Wasn't sure if you were going to show up for your obligatory three minutes of screen time this week! Queenie comes to her aid with a bag full of the delicious smells of fast food burgers. Delphine: "Is that a Jumping Jack with Cheese I smell?" She eats the burger like someone who hasn't eaten in days, which is because she hasn't eaten in days. All they do is bleed her for Marie's youth serum, and all she has to stop the bleeding is what looks like a dirty old table runner. With TASSLES, which is just insulting.

Queenie clearly doesn't feel great about what she's done, and Delphine tries to work it to her advantage. "Didn't you like my pot pie? My peach crumble? I learned to make them for you!" Oh, Kathy Bates. She's getting me again. Delphine starts in on how easy it would be for Queenie to just let her out, but Marie interrupts them before any of that can happen. Marie: "What I told you about feeding the animals?" Queenie apologizes and scurries away, leaving Marie and Delphine to exchange words. Marie gloats about how fun it is to keep Delphine in a cage as a pet. Delphine calls Obama a "darkie" and orders Marie around like a slave, so they are at the same impasse they've always been at. IT'S A METAPHOR FOR RACE RELATIONS IN AMERICA! (No it's not.) Delphine makes the mistake of asserting that she will always have the upper hand (pun intended!) because Marie can't kill her. Marie shows how wrong that is by picking up a machete and chopping off Delphine's right hand. I'd imagine torture is a fuck ton worse when there's no possibility of death to hope for, so, well-played. Marie: "We've only just begun." Sorry, Delphine! Maybe don't call people "darkie" anymore?

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