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The Sacred Taking

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It’s My Head in a Box!

Nan and Luke make their escape downstairs. Luke suggests they go on the run alone, considering Patti LuPone will likely look for them at Miss Robichaux's first. Nan asks if they are now "boyfriend-and-girlfriend" and he hesitates, but he nods. Nan gets to have EVERYTHING. But when they get to the bottom of the stairs Patti LuPone appears, on the phone with the police about a female intruder who is armed and dangerous. Luke stands up for his woman and pushes Patti LuPone into the living room, where Hank's laser sights find her and she is shot to death. Luke is also shot. Nan is just fine. Apparently this witch hunter shoots everyone but witches. Nan cries over Luke's corpse, the second time he's been mortally wounded just for being around her.

The girls are in the parlor waiting for Fiona to die. Myrtle is playing them all a depressing tune in a minor key to honor the occasion. Zoe is stressed. Misty is barefoot. Madison is, I was going to say texting, but everyone who knows she's alive is in that room, so I guess she's… on Pinterest? Get those chevron DIY ideas, girl! You only live infinite times, apparently!

According to the ladies, if Misty's ascending to Supremehood, she should begin exhibiting physiological symptoms. Delia says her feet should be getting warmer. Myrtle uses the word "cooch," which is unbelievable. Suddenly, Fiona appears: "Mine started as a classic migraine." Oh, lord, people with migraines. Try shutting them up about them. Delia is horrified to see Fiona back in the game, oozing top doggery to the highest degree, which I assume means they have no Plan B here. Amateurs. Fiona lights a cigarette with MAGIC and demands to meet the swamp witch. But Misty's no dummy, and has gotten out of dodge.

The authorities are removing Luke's body, and Nan insists on going with him. Bye, Nan! Patti LuPone's is still slumped in the corner, but I guess they can only process one body at a time. Misty saunters around the crime scene undisturbed by the cops, so I'm assuming she has the same mind control powers Fiona does. Speaking of Fiona, she has found Misty. She snarls "swamp witch" at her again, and Misty certainly does seem uncomfortable. The cops finally intervene, but Fiona glamours one of them into spilling the beans on what happened and allowing them to stay. Robbery gone wrong. Son has a terrible head wound. Mother is dead. They're waiting on the coroner for her. While they're standing around, Fiona would like to see Misty's renowned powers of resurgence. Hey, why not try it out on this dead Patti LuPone body over there?! Misty smirks and looks to be along for the ride.

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