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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

Back upstairs, Thredson says Jed's in cardiac arrest and begins CPR. Sister Jude looks on helplessly from the hallway, as Sister Eunice runs up with word that there's trouble in the ward.

Lana and Grace continue to run for the tunnel, but all of a sudden Kit's caught up with them. Grace tells him to come with, that Lana knows a way out, but Lana still refuses to take Kit along. Kit protests to Lana that he's neither a killer nor a psycho. Lana says he's a liar. Grace tells Lana to cut the shit already. She and Kit can leave by themselves now, so that's what they do. Lana watches as her escape plan falls apart. There is literally a light at the end of the hallway that marks her salvation, but she's watching a woman-killer about to reach it. What can she live with more? Incarceration? Or the blood of further dead women on her hands. With Grace and Kit inches from the door to the tunnel, Lana makes her choice: "HELP! HE'S ESCAPING! THE KILLER IS ESCAPING!" Kit and Grace try to shut her up, but the guards are soon there to round them up. Kit is beaten. Hard. Grace thrashes against her captors and stares at Lana with actual fire in her eyes. Lana just looks on, in tears. She made her choice. For this show that I love so much because it's filthy and vulgar and crazy and indulgent and kinetic and fun, this was a real triumph of character-building. All three characters -- Lana, Grace and Kit -- emerge stronger, more relatable, and more sympathetic because of it. Lana fucked it all up, but she doesn't know Kit's innocent like we do. She made the tough choice to sacrifice her freedom to save the lives of women she doesn't know. She's a hero. Similarly, Grace's faith in her friend Kit never wavered. She never once considered leaving him behind. And Kit... well, just look at that face. Great stuff, show.

Upstairs, Jude and Eunice look on as Dr. Thredson tries to revive Jed. With one last lurch, Jed's body sits up and expels a cloud of... something. It dissipates as it travels across the room, but the POV shot straight at Sister Eunice should make it clear to anyone who's seen a movie about possession before: that demon's in her now. Should be fun! With that last gasp, Jed is dead, and in quick succession: a crucifix falls from the wall, the power in the ward is restored and Sister Eunice falls back, stiff as a board. Never a dull moment.

After the commercial break, there's just one more crisis to weather: the fate of this poor prostitute, indentured to the pitiless affections of Dr. Arden. Things have gotten significantly creepier, as our girl is in Arden's bedroom, putting the finishing touches on the nun costume he's making her wear. Oh dear. He impatiently knocks on the door, but she's managed to stumble onto Arden's box of dirty magazines, and with them a series of disturbing photographs of women in their underwear, hogtied on Arden's bed. Naturally, she starts to panic. He finally does burst in as she nervously spills the photos onto the ground. She says she's just going to give him back his money and call it a night, but he grabs her by the arm, orders her to pick up the photos and then get on the bed. Which she does, after an unsuccessful attempt to run away. He confirms that she took off her panties, per his earlier instructions. He takes off his pants, then instructs her to "show me your mossy bank." NOPE. No. No thank you. Certainly not while Arden is holding his crotch. He advances on her, about to... I don't know, invade her mossy bank? What does one do with a mossy bank? I suppose we'll never find out (thankfully) because the girl takes a last-ditch bite at Arden's arm, knees him in the very crotch he's been fondling and runs for it. Glad someone was able to run away from a vile imprisonment today.

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