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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

After the break, Sister Jude is leading the guards down to the women's ward to conduct a random inspection. Lana looks alarmed; Grace looks bored; Shelley, as ever, looks horny. The guards find food in Pepper's room and Sister Jude asks her why they don't allow food in the rooms. "RATS!" Pepper yelps, and Sister Jude "playfully" knocks her on her misshapen head, thus completing this week's Required Pepper Content. Requiring attention, Shelley pipes up that she's got a cucumber in her room, but it's not for eating. That seems like an awful waste of a cucumber, but OHHHHH. Jude instructs the guard to check Lana's pillowcase and he finds a piece of paper, upon which Lana has written notes about her mistreatment and other things she's witnessed at Briarcliff. Including, but not limited to her being denied a phone call out. "Who would you like to call?" Sister Jude taunts. "The American Civil Lesbians Union?" Cool burn, Sister. Lana's still holding on to some pride, as she defiantly tells Sister Jude that she's going to her editor with one hell of a story, with or without her notes. "I have an excellent memory," she calls after Sister Jude as she exits. Sister Jude says we'll have to see about that.

Sister Jude then goes to visit Dr. Arden, and they have a lovely little passive-aggressive conversation about the problem Lana poses. Sister Jude says she believes that it's Lana's troubling memories that are impeding her true repentance. Dr. Arden doesn't buy that hogwash for a second, but he's not going to object too much when what Sister Jude is asking of him is that he recommend electroshock therapy. There's some runaround about how Sister Jude once objected to the practice as barbaric but she bullshits about how she prayed on it or some such nonsense. The point is that you know something is truly evil and fucked up when both Dr. Arden and Sister Jude want to do it.

So the next thing we know, Lana is being strapped down to the gurney and prepped for electroshock. On any other show, the entire episode would have built to this horrific inevitability. This show blasts through it in the first ten minutes. She screams and protests about how Sister Jude blackmailed her lover and kidnapped her, but no one is there to help her. It should be noted that this is the same gurney and room where Adam Levine will finger-blast Mrs. Channing Tatum some fifty years later. Dr. Arden invites Sister Jude to assist in the procedure, which in this case amounts to holding the head... thingie that is placed on Lana's temples. "You're not squeamish are you?" he asks her, essentially daring her to confront this practice that he knows she's still ambivalent about. Interesting that even though Jude is clearly not 100% comfortable with electroshock, she'll readily resort to it if it means protecting her asylum. Dr. Arden flips the switch and Lana starts convulsing, and of course the lights dim and flicker in the room, because nobody thinks about power usage requirements when they're installing an electroshock machine. Sister Jude is clearly disturbed by this, as she looks down at Lana with pity and almost sorrow.

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