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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

The maddening strains of "Dominique" welcome us to the common room, where Kit is led in to meet with his court-appointed evaluator, Dr. Thredson, played with horned-rimmed-glasses period detail by Zachary Quinto. Kit tries to break free of the guards to grab some cigs lying on a table, but they muscle him away. Dr. Thredson is decidedly kind to Kit when he introduces himself; soft-spoken and docile. Also, I swear I'm not doing that gay thing and assuming all hot guys who interact with each other secretly want to do it, but there is more than a hint of sexual tension in these scenes, I am just saying. Particularly as he's lighting the man's cigarette. Intercut with this meet cute are flashes forward to Dr. Thredson typing up his notes on the patient, including details of the crimes (the bodies were found decapitated and drained of blood) and early guesses as to a motive (a purging of "racial guilt" for what Kit's upbringing would have deemed an "illicit coupling"). Kit exposits that Thredson was sent by the court to evaluate him and declare him either sane enough to stand trial (and be executed) or crazy enough to stay locked up in Briarcliff forever. He says he's neither crazy nor guilty of the crimes he's committed and the two men go back and forth, but the gist is that Kit doesn't believe Alma is even dead. After all, the body they found and said was her didn't even have a head. He says he's remembering more, and he believes the aliens took her alive and are keeping her. From Dr. Thredson's notes/voice-over: "Diagnosis: Acute Clinical Insanity." Ahhh, very precise, Doctor. Kind of like your primary care physician saying you've come down with a terrible case of illness.

Out in the woods, Sister Eunice is traversing with a picnic basket when she's surprised by Dr. Arden, who calls her his favorite little helper and I twitch a little bit. Seems the basket was what contained last night's feeding for the Creatures. She remarks that they were voracious last night. She's so afraid she's nearly in tears when she asks Dr. Arden to tell her what they are. "All in good time," he tells her, which is one of those phrases that get used in the movies constantly, but I don't think anybody has ever said in real life. He has her confirm to him that she hasn't told Sister Jude about any of this and she assures him she hasn't. As a token of his gratitude, he offers her a candy apple. She says it looks delicious, but she can't; Arden pushes it towards her and tells her to live a little. I get that this is a Sister Jude directive against indulgence, but Eunice is reacting to this apple like it's a baggie full of coke. Arden finally insists, his mood getting temporarily darker. Okay, now even I think he put roofies in that apple (also, it's clearly a caramel apple, so let's get the terminology right). When she does take a bite, we're all faced with the harsh reality that it's almost impossible to take a demure, casual bite of a candy/caramel apple. You pretty much have to dive right into that fucker and be okay with getting residual caramel in your sideburns. Dr. Arden chuckles with what seems at least a little bit like triumph. Eunice seems to be just another battlefield where he's fighting Sister Jude for control. As Arden and Eunice walk up to the front steps of Briarcliff, Shelley watches them from a second-floor window. She spots the apple in Eunice's basket and thinks of sex. Probably.

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