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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

Inside are the parents of seventeen-year-old Jed, the mother of whom is played by Robin Wiegert, bringing the Deadwood alum count for this season up to two. And you know my rule that any show that includes two or more Deadwood alums at the same time is automatically worth watching. Anyway, Robin starts explaining about her troubled adolescent and as Sister Jude interrupts her to toot her own horn for the success she's had with curbing the chronic masturbator (!), Dr. Thredson barges into the office on the pretense that he didn't know she had company. He quickly introduces himself to the parents and ingratiates himself into the conversation, essentially making a power play on Sister Jude. She objects, but Robin says their boy is troubled and they could use a doctor's opinion. She describes the symptoms which start off sounding like manic depression (moodiness) and move on to sounding like schizophrenia (hearing voices), but eventually sound much more serious. "I'm afraid he'll bring us harm," the father blurts out, before describing the events of yesterday: as we see in flashback, the father went out to the barn to find Jed naked and covered in blood. Seems the lad had gotten to disemboweling the horse with his bare hands, then ate its heart. "It was unholy," the father describes. Like some other entity had entered his son's body and made him do things. "You know," he says, "like that movie about the little girl that won't be made for another ten years or so." Dr. Thredson is at a loss for words as to how to explain such behavior, which Sister Jude takes as an admission of defeat. Disturbed, he says he'd have to see the boy to properly diagnose him. Robin says they brought him, he's in another room. As Sister Jude leads them out, she pulls Dr. Thredson aside and through gritted teeth reminds him that he is a guest in their institution. "Don't wear out your welcome on the first day."

The parents, Sister Jude, and the good Doctor visit Jed in the room he's been placed in. He's got that Emily Rose posture where his limbs seem locked at odd angles. "I'm scared," he tells his mother, but when Dr. Thredson goes to examine him, he growls and bites at his hand. By this point, we all realize this is a demonic possession and we're in for an exorcism, right? I don't have to pretend to find out when the characters do? Which, honestly, they should by now, because Jed is speaking in an inhumanly deep voice and in some unknown language. Also he turns to glare at Sister Jude and his eyes are glowing yellow. I know science is science, but let's not drag our feet on this waiting for him to start masturbating with a crucifix. Sister Jude? She gets it.

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