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Tricks and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

Dr. Thredson is talking to the Potters, trying to convince them to bring their son to the county hospital, but they want to see the "specialist" that's been called in. Thredson knows what kind of "specialist" is on his way and we see quick cuts to this person being led out of his car and into a wheelchair. Monsignor Howard shows up with Sister Jude, who introduces Oliver as "the tiresome Dr. Thredson." Thredson immediately starts in on the Monsignor with "It's 1964, for God's sake, we're not still believing in exorcisms, are we?" The Monsignor says in fact they do, and they will need Dr. Thredson to be present, since the Church requires a doctor on hand for all exorcisms, stigmata and appearances of the Virgin Mary to schoolchildren. Or just at exorcisms. Thredson gets all pissy (if there's one emotion Zachary Quinto can effectively sell it's pissiness) about how he hopes they don't expect him to stand idly by and not report what he sees. At this, the exorcist wheels into the room, and it's Dr. Anspaugh from ER, who is all, "A non-believer! Good, I like having one in the room. Ups my game." Ah, glad to have you aboard and in line with the tone of the show already, sir!

Back in the common room (-INIQUE, -INIQUE...), Lana grabs for her secret pencil and starts to got something down. Grace comes over and says she's asking to get caught, but Lana will forget if she doesn't write it down. "Then you'd better tell me," Grace says. "Tell me where the tunnel is." Lana refuses; the plan is that she and Grace leave together. Basically, she doesn't trust Grace not to run and tell Kit and for them both to leave Lana behind. The guards enter the room, and Kit quickly grabs Lana's notes and shoves them into his pockets. It's not an inspection, though; just orders from Sister Jude that everybody is confined to their rooms for the rest of the night. Lana warily thanks Kit for his protective instinct, but she wants the notes back. Kit says she can't get caught holding them. "What's the matter?" he asks, "don't you trust me." "No woman should trust you," she replies. The patients are herded into their rooms.

Elsewhere, it's a wonderful day for an exorcism. They strap Jed down to the bed as he writhes and convulses and howls an animal howl. Father Anspaugh delivers the usual instructions to those in the room -- Monsignor Howard, Dr. Thredson, Sister Jude -- to not listen to anything the demon says. Then he calls for his prayer book, but when Sister Jude gives it to him, he says her work is now done and she should leave the room. "This is no place for a woman," he says. "I'm stronger than you think," Jude protests, but Father Anspaugh says the Potters will need that strength in the waiting room. She looks to Howard for backup, but all he says is, "Godspeed, Sister Jude." Interesting, how the incredibly kind Monsignor Howard will push Sister Jude aside when it comes time for the work to by done, while Dr. Arden invited her to assist (albeit out of spite). The demon appears to laugh at Jude as she leaves, defeated.

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