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Elsewhere, Lana is in the infirmary, puking from all the stress. She's with that kindhearted younger nun, one of the two who helped revive Grace last week. Kind Young Nun is trying to assure Lana that if Sister Mary Eunice said that she would call the police for her, she probably did. Okay, maybe Kind Naïve Young Nun. She tries to get Lana to calm down, but Lana notices a patient behind a screen, moaning quietly. Kind Naïve Placating Young Nun says it's just "another unfortunate soul," but obviously it's Kit. Lana then is all, "Okay, just gonna walk over here now," and Kind Naïve Placating Gullible Nun is all, "Sure!"

Sister Jude is meeting with Mother Claudia, who doesn't know if she's going to be able to help her now that she's lost all her credibility at Briarcliff. Jude begs her to get her back inside the asylum. She talks about her renewed sense of purpose. God had a plan for her all along! To be a soldier in her army. They're losing the battle, though, she says, pointing to NBC's recent broadcast of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" as evidence of the damning secularization of America. "This country had turned towards unadulterated blasphemy," she rants, saying the devil has, bit by bit, turned our eyes away from God. "BUT HE CAN'T HAVE HER!" she declares. And if you're one of those people who have been saying since the beginning that Mary Eunice is secretly Sister Jude's daughter, that's one to put in your evidence reel. Mother Claudia says she'll do what she can, then answers a phone call: seems Sister Jude has a visitor.

Sister Jude enters the chapel where she finds Dr. Arden, somehow having not burst into flames upon entering the threshold. He's conciliatory to start, telling Sister Jude that the two of them "got off on the wrong foot" due to their strong personalities, but he believes their commitment to Briarcliff is the same. He wants her to know how serious this is, that he's coming to her, "of all people." "I don't have time for the prologue," she says, "just say it." Not giving an inch.

He tells her that she was right about Sister Eunice. She's in "desperate trouble," though he has no medical explanation for it. He finally hangs his head a bit and says, "She doesn't know I'm here." With more than a little unseemly triumph in her eyes, Sister Jude accuses Arden of being afraid of Eunice. He denies it and tries to play it off like he just doesn't have time to babysit a "deranged nun." Not good enough for Jude, who tells him to go to Hell.

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