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Hollywood Round, Part 2

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Separating the Boys from the Other Boys
the judges with a Randy Travis tune. He sounds good, but I'm sure he'll get dinged for coloring outside the lines. Indeed, Mariah says she was hoping for a different take on the song, but he knows they love him, then she sighs extravagantly in a way that freezes Micah's heart with terror. And sure enough, after the ads, he's told no. "It's tough to get cut but I've been through a lot worse," he says in that voice of his that indicates exactly that. Other rejects from this round include Gabe Brown, who has screamed his last on this season; Sanni with the African parents; and Nate Tao with the deaf ones.

But enough about them: the ones who made it through are called back to the stage en masse for one last judicial pronouncement. Randy congratulates them, adding that a lot of them have a lot of work yet to do. They're not the only ones, judges: I see more than 20 dudes up there. It turns out that eight of them will be leaving before we have our top 20 which isn't exactly a shocking revelation to those of them who can count, but we'll find out who next week. So it looks like the dudes will crowd out part of the women's version of Hollywood week... the highly fraught previews of which suggest that this might not be such a good idea.

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