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Only a couple of hours later, hotel room doors are getting knocked on and young women are greeting the cameras with varying degrees of friendliness. At the bottom of that scale is Kez Ban, who welcomes the crew into her room with the heartfelt words, "You people suck" before proceeding to be weird some more. They all ride a bus to the auditorium and assemble for the group round. Randy will be sitting part of the day out due to commitments in the studio, so this will be just like every other round except with fewer time-wasting comments and loud pronouncements of the crashingly obvious. The first group is the Swagettes. They were apparently one of the first groups to bed last night. But that didn't stop them from putting together a pretty strong version of "Hit 'Em Up Style," with Candice Glover as the obvious standout. Several of the other contestants give them a standing ovation from the audience. All four make it to the next round. So far this seems to be going well for everyone.

A country foursome going by "Raisin' Cain" comes out in cowboy boots and does a Dixie Chicks song in which the solos are way better than the alleged four-part harmonies. It's also very cheesy, to the point where the judges are openly laughing at them. Nicki busts out a Scarlett O'Hara accent to give them their props, then, after the deliberations, gives a bizarre speech by way of telling them they're all through. So far it's a sweep!

"Almost Famous" is a group of four girls who don't seem to have anything in common other than that they're all wearing something with leopard print on it. They picked "Somebody that I Used to Know," which has no harmonies, so they had to make up their own. Or, more accurately, Savannah Votion had to figure them out and teach them to the others as she went along. They go out and do it, and Nicki remarks to the other judges, "That's the remix," and in a way that's clearly not a compliment. One of them completely forgets the words and we normally don't get this far into the episode before that happens. Mariah takes the reins for this critique, which she does as usual by employing the Socratic method, asking them how they felt about it. If she ever asks me that, I'd be like, "Well, I thought it was good, but..." Seriously though, Mariah, quit being such a candy-ass. If you think somebody sucks, say so instead of trying to get them to say it. Anyway, only one of them gets through and it's Daysia Hall, the one who forgot her lyrics. They must have really hated the other three. All of whom seem pretty bitter, as you can guess.

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