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to be over. Mariah cuts Trevor and Lee, but JDA and Joel are still in it. Trevor takes it hard, going outside and weeping over the barricades about how he's never failed before in his life. Let's just hope the Army will take him back after this.

DKSK is made up of the four youngest guys in the competition. One of them is David Leathers, Jr., the last male to be eliminated from the Vegas round last year. I guess he's no longer billing himself as Mr. Steal Your Girlfriend after that. Also in this group is Kayden Stephenson, the kid with cystic fibrosis. They're doing "The Longest Time," complete with an ambitious key change. Alas, there are some lyrical issues, particularly with Kayden, which is a problem with a harmony song like this one. Kayden begs for a second chance, but David Leathers and Sanni M'Maurura, the kid with the parents from Africa, are going on. Don't feel bad about forgetting the lyrics, Kayden; your voice wasn't that great either. That kicks off a montage of ejections, including Griffin Peterson; Clifton Duffin, whose parents first got to hear him sing at his audition; and still Kayden, who promises to be back next year.

At 7:30 PM, the day is winding down. But Oz, the group that includes Frankie Ford, is arguing in front of the interview camera right up until the moment they're called to the stage. Ryan gives us a little backstory from last night in which we learn that Frankie, the subway singer, doesn't have quite the same musical knowledge as the rest of them. But he apparently made up for it by being a pain in the ass all day. Oh, and then having an emotional meltdown and crying right before they go out on stage. So this should be awesome.

Sure enough, when they come out to attempt "American Boy" and end up with something that should get them all deported. They're not together for the opening harmonies, and their individual performances are nothing to write home about, except for that of Charles Allen. He alone is like, "Fuck these losers, I'm bringing it." When the travesty finally grinds to a halt, Nicki tells Frankie that they're been pulling for him, but he fell apart, and "you lost me." She says she loves him, which can't make him feel any better, like, "you sucked bad enough to override all my really strong reasons to keep you." She then turns to his groupmate Papa Peachez, who admits that the group was a hot mess, blaming the big personalities involved. Nicki says they have to be ready for that, and after some deliberation, they boot Frankie (despite Keith's advocacy for him) and Papa Peachez (who she says was saved by one person changing their vote). She warns Papa Peaches that he needs to stop being complacent and step up -- but right now step back, because he squeaked through.

As for Frankie, he's going back to singing on the train, and he currently looks like he just got hit by one, emotionally. Leaving the premises, he seems pretty angry and upset, blowing off his former groupmates when they try to follow him to offer words of support. He tearfully vows to be back next year, saying he didn't come here to lose, and finally walks away crying as though having just been thumped by a playground bully. Well, that was uplifting.

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